Think it through: Are you being too judgmental?

Are you being too judgmental when it comes to love? The short answer is, well, yeah, you might be. Don’t feel bad though. We’re all judgmental at times. We have to make snap decisions when it comes to dating. If we didn’t, we’d literally have to go on one date with every man in the world. And even as someone who loves love, that sounds terrible! That being said, there are plenty of men out there who may not be exactly what you imagined your Prince Charming to be like, but could still make you really happy and feel like a princess. To find those unlikely princes, you’re going to have to learn to overlook a few small things. Read more

A recipe for the ultimate love story

Wouldn’t it be great if romance were like cookies? You took all the right ingredients, whipped them up, baked for 10 minutes and had a perfect outcome. Or better yet, how about my style of baking? Slice, bake and voila -- love! Well, you probably don’t need an expert to tell you love isn’t that easy. I’ve helped thousands of people find love, and even I don’t have a silver bullet recipe for romance. There are so many X factors, like timing and spark, that a recipe isn’t realistic. However, there are key ingredients you need for love that’s going to last. Without any of the below main ingredients, your relationship is going to flop like a souffle in the humidity. (See? You'd be surprised what I know about baking!) Read more

Love advice for Kristin and Rob

Word on the gossip mill is that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship is on the mend. No one but the two of them knows if that’s true. If it is, these two have a long and bumpy road to relationship recovery ahead of them. Making a relationship work after infidelity takes a lot of work, a lot of heart, a lot of tissues and a lot of nights on the pull-out sofa. Here’s what they, and any couple in a sticky post-cheating situation, need to do to get there. Read more

Accepting him: Why we love him even when we hate him

Your man. He’s smart. He’s handsome. He makes that disgusting clicking sound when he chews. Am I right? Or maybe it’s that he pretends he’s allergic to chives, even though he just doesn’t like them. Or never picks up his socks from the floor. Or can’t ever remember that you only like 1 percent milk. Whatever the case, I’m sure that your boo is perfect except for when he’s annoying the hell out of you. How do I know? Because that’s exactly what love is -- loving someone even when you kind of hate him. Here are the reasons you love your lug of a man even though he got you tickets to visit his parents for your birthday last year. It's quite simple really. Read more

Love lessons from Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the Beast. Can any woman hear those lyrics and not sigh? Anyone? I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan. I love the suspense, the unlikely heroes, the dancing china and most of all, I love the love lessons. Sure, it’s a child’s movie, but you learn so many of life’s important lessons before the age of 10. And the love lessons in Beauty and the Beast resonate for lovers of any age. Here are my top take-aways from this classic movie. Read more

Relationships begin with “I love you”

A lot of people celebrate anniversaries of their first dates, their major relationship talks or their wedding day. But I really think relationships begin with the first “I love you.” It solidifies that you two are having more than just fun. You’re in a relationship. just did a survey showing that 76 percent of serious relationships started with the man saying “I love you” first. While this might come as a shock to those who think that men aren’t as emotionally demonstrative in relationships, it makes total sense to me. Men should be the ones to say “I love you” first. Here’s why.

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