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Friends With Benefits: Can you handle it?

Girl and man discuss taking their relationship to the next level at coffee

Dear Emily, I just got out of a long-term relationship. I still talk to my ex all the time and we’re really good friends right now, even though we live in different cities. He and I never had the most … Continue reading

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Why you should date offline (i.e. In the Real World)

People tend to treat dating as an either/or situation.  Either you’re dating online or you’re dating out in the real world, but you can’t have both. If you’re dating online, that’s your jam, and that’s what all of your time … Continue reading

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PTOD: Post Traumatic Oral Disorder – How to love going down on your man

Confidence in the bedroom


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Have you been Jackhammered? Why you’re not having an orgasm during sex

  Q: Dear Emily,In many of your Podcasts, I’ve heard you talk about  “Jackhammer Sex”, and how men should stop doing it immediately. After hearing it for the third or fourth time, I realized something. My partner is guilty of … Continue reading

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How to Rock At ‘Woman On Top’

Too many sexual partners in the bedroom

  Q: Dear Emily, I like to consider myself a fairly sexually educated girl, but I have NO idea what to do when it comes to being on top during sex. The few times I have tried it, I felt … Continue reading

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The Lost Art Of Teasing: Turn it up for Great Sex

Teasing always gets a bad rap when it comes to dating, but when it comes to sex, it’s the best thing, since well sex. Teasing is the best way to start up something steamy and the longer you savor the … Continue reading

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