Enjoy Life More with…Botox?

Interesting new research from The Georgetown University Medical Center confirms what researchers Cardiff University in The UK and at The University of Basel had previously described as an interesting side effect of receiving injections of neuromodulator (like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin) - namely a significant and measurable improvement in patient’s symptoms of depression. Patients with a diagnosis of major depression were randomly assigned to receive either Botox or placebo injections (saline solution), with monitoring and self-reporting of their symptoms of depression. Six weeks after the treatments, an impressive 52% of the patients who received Botox were found to have significant improvement in their symptoms and moods, with only 15 percent of the saline solution group showing improvement (this number is consistent with the placebo effect). Read more

The 3 Juiciest Things I Learned From My Interview With Brandi Glanville

Patti Stanger and Brandi Glanville
You guys know Brandi Glanville, right? The gorgeous blonde in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with legs that make the Empire State Building feel stumpy? Well, I’m lucky enough to call Brandi my friend. We met a few years ago at a PR event and hit it off instantly. She’s charming and brash and passionate and I was in friend crush heaven the second I met her. She's been through a lot, from her very public divorce to battling it out with the other housewives. That gal's got a Teflon exterior and she's ready to pounce if anyone hurts her or her boys. You absolutely cannot blame her, though! I sat down with Ms. Brandi to talk about her new book Drinking and Dating: P.S. Social Media Is Ruining Romance. I read the whole thing and it’s fan-freaking-tastic. Seriously, Brandi managed to capture everything that’s amazing about her in person and put it on the page. When you’re reading it, you’re going to feel like you’re her best friend. The woman has dated some very famous, very powerful and very hot men and isn’t afraid to kiss and tell. In our little interview together, I got some serious dish from Brandi and I’ve been dying to share it with you. So, here’s what she told me... Read more

Fleeing the Friend Zone

Girl rejects kiss from her friend
It’s the age-old debate: Can you get out of the friend zone? And more importantly, how do you stay out of the friend zone? I could write an entire novel on this subject, but I’ll try to keep it short and proactive for those of you stuck in the eternal hell that we call the “friend zone.” Here are my tips on how to stay out of this zone, as it’s much easier to stay out of it than leave it (unless, of course, you’re Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally). Read more

The #1 Reason You Can’t Meet Men

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why can’t I meet men?” If you’re reading this my guess is you probably have, and I’m about to reveal the biggest mistake women make with men, and it’s a mistake almost guaranteed to keep you single for the foreseeable future! Are you ready to hear the truth? Read more

Poor Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio
#PoorLeo. #GiveLeoAnOscar. These hash tags blew up the Twittersphere on Oscars night when Matthew McConaghey took home top honors for Best Actor, sending the popular choice (and my own personal favorite) Leonardo DiCaprio home empty-handed. Luckily The Wolf Of Wall Street actor had his date's shoulder to cry on - if he needed it. He chose the woman on his arm wisely - a woman who loves him unconditionally, who could never be accused of cozying up to him for his money and that alone, a woman who is not and was not ever starstruck by him and his rise to fame - his mommy, Irmelin Indenbirken. Read more

How To Make ‘Your Day’ Your Own

Married couple enjoys their wedding
The most important thing we can impart to our couples is to make it their own. You are only going to do this once so your wedding day should tell your story and have relevance to your courtship, your lives, and all the things you are passionate about and enjoy doing together. Consider what you and your fiancé love and what defines you as a couple (your favorite cocktail, the best meal you ever had, that one song you can't help but get down to, that one painting that you are both drawn to at the museum, the magazine tears you've saved featuring your dream home) and find ways of incorporating those things into your wedding day. Read more