Movies for the couch potato couple

Big, extravagant date nights are great. And you know me — I’m a girl who loves bling, flash and all kinds of fabulous scenes. But even I know that some of the most special date nights happen at home, on a couch, sharing a bowl of popcorn. A movie night is often the best thing you can do with your boo. And with the economy the way it is, it’s also the best thing you can do with your wallet too. So here are some of my favorite date-night movies. Hope this inspires you to cuddle up close with your man this weekend. Read more

2013 getaways to plan with your girlfriends

Gather up a group of your girlfriends and head out of town to ring in the new year gal pal style. Here are some ideas on where to go. Read more

Want to set up your BFF? Matchmaking secrets

You’re in a great relationship, but your BFF (who is every shade of perfect) isn’t. What gives? Any man would be lucky to date her. So you decide you’re going to set her up. You want to do a good job because, well, she’s your BFF, obvs. So how do you become a great matchmaker? Well, you’ve come to the right place for tips. Here’s some insider knowledge.

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Is music a must during sex? Surprising facts!

Ketchup and French fries. Nutella and a spoon. Peas and carrots. Some things just go together. And music and sex are definitely two of those things. I’ve always thought there was something special about music that made it sexier than any other aphrodisiac out there. It’s better than soft candlelight. Better than a man’s cologne. Hell, sometimes I even think the right song can turn me on more than a shirtless guy himself. Read more

My favorite chick flicks for a night in with you, yourself and you

The holiday season is wonderful, and I’m especially into holiday cheer this year. But those weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are full of activities, parties, socializing and thinking about other people. And while all of that stuff is clearly fun, it can be easy to forget about yourself during the holiday season. Now that it's over, take some much needed you time. I say go ahead and take a night (or two), curl up on your couch and watch some amazing chick flicks. Sounds great, right? Here are my favorite chick flicks right now, if you need some Netflix inspiration. Read more

Happy Wednesday: Surprise your boo with a Hump Day celebration

Ho hum. Now that the holidays are over and not everything is a countdown to Christmas, the days can seem a little blah, right? Especially Wednesdays, a.k.a. Hump Days. Last weekend is a memory. Next weekend is nowhere in sight. And New Girl isn’t even on. One thing that could make Wednesdays more special is if you use them as an opportunity to get romantic with your boo by surprising him with something great. You’ll have something to look forward to on Wednesday, and you’ll definitely turn his Hump Day frown upside down. So here are some surprises to kick your midweek blues to the curb. Read more