A Day in the Life of a Matchmaker

I never felt it was fair for someone to be alone if they didn’t want to be. I love love, and have always been obsessed with helping singles find it. From a young age I felt it was my calling to set up friends and acquaintances. As a hobby, I was pretty good at it, and some of my amateur matches actually ended in wonderful marriages. Taking the road that many find themselves on after high school, I went to college and then on to receive my Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan. As planned I started my career as a social worker, but after 12 long years in the industry, I found I longed for a change. Instead of damage control, I knew I wanted to focus on the creation and positivity of love. Read more

How to REALLY Turn On A Man

I have a confession today. A little secret you could say. It’s a secret men have kept from you ladies since the beginning of time. If a woman can’t describe what she wants from me sexually, I don’t get turned on. Men love a recap. We’re wired that way. Think about what happens when men sit around watching football. We turn that commentary up full blast. We don’t really need it. We can see what’s happening on the screen. But we love listening to the announcer talk about a play over and over again. Men are primarily visual creatures, but we love to hear you! If you really want to turn a man on, sure sexy underwear is great. We love to see your body, and we love to watch you while we’re making love. But what really gets men going is sex commentary! Read more

Great Expectations: How to manage yours (and hers) online

It happens to all of us. We join a dating site with high hopes. We’ve heard about so many people finding someone great online. We even have friends that have girlfriends or boyfriends they’ve met that way. It seems to be happening all around us…but not to us. We’ve sworn off it before, but now it’s time. We’ve had enough. So we join. The first time looking at all the new faces, it feels like opportunity abounds. This is it. It’s going to happen this time. So, we send out a bunch of emails with high hopes. Some we’re really, super interested in, some sort-of interested in. Either way, we want to meet someone. Read more

One place he should never take you on a first date any why

I try to stay very open-minded when it comes to what men plan for first dates. I mean, the poor guys are under a lot of pressure. They have to do the planning, the prep and the paying. And it’s especially tough to plan something creative when you barely know the other person, which is normally the case on a first date. However, I don’t care how much pressure the guy is under, I still think there’s one spot that a man should never take you on a first date—his home. Here’s why. Read more

5 Signs he’s being two-faced

Getting into a new relationship is basically like doing a big old trust fall into the arms of a stranger. You know what I mean? Relationships, even at the very beginning, are all about trust and when you’re just getting to know a dude, it can be tough to tell if he’s trustworthy or not. Here are some ways to figure out if he’s being two-faced or if the face you’re starting to fall for is the only one he has. Read more

We Have it All

Welcome to West Hollywood. The Gay Mecca of Los Angeles! If you have never been to Weho (as its affectionately referred too) then you are missing out. The men here are HOT! And when I say hot, I mean, this is the city where your all your sexual fantasies come to procreate and have hot babies. Read more