Have you fallen in love with his potential?

You’ve got a new man in your life. You go, girl! He’s smart, hot and has a great job. Sounds great. But tell me more. How does he make you feel? What’s your chemistry like? Do you guys discuss the future? On the contrary -- Is he tall, dark and handsome but just can't seem to get his life together or hold a steady job? Do those questions leave you a little tongue-tied? Do you feel like everything should be amazing between you two, but it’s not quite there? Can you not picture a future with him, even though he’s absolutely perfect? Well, it might mean you’ve fallen in love with your guy’s potential and not your actual guy. Read more

6 Tips for a dating profile makeover

Even as a traditional matchmaker, I couldn’t be a bigger fan of online dating. It’s how I met David and how so many other amazing couples meet every day. Just because online dating works for a lot of people, though, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Finding love online takes some work. If you’re wondering why you haven’t been meeting the right guys online, it might be time to put a little elbow grease into your dating profile. Here's how you can snazz up your profile page. Read more

He’s so jelly!

Alright, ladies -- this goes out to all of you. You may all have been there more than once and indeed some of you way too much! What are we talking about? The Jealous Guys! If you had a nickel for every time a guy you were dating claimed you as “HIS” and “Only HIS,” you could all be getting manis and pedis daily and bathing in crystal. Jealousy is known as “The Green-Eyed Monster,” and believe it or not, in measured healthy doses,  it can be good for a relationship. The question is how much is too much? When is it time to bounce? Read more

5 Reasons to look for love in the suburbs

The New York Post interviewed me for a trend piece on women heading to the suburbs for romance. Basically, sayonara Sex in the City and hello Sex in the Suburbs. City girls hunting for love in the suburbs may be a trend for now, but give it a little time and it’s going to be the norm. I’ve been saying it for years — the city is filled with men who think they're hotter than they are. The suburbs are where your future husband is. Location is key. Here’s why. Read more

6 ways to detox from dating

I love love and I want everyone to have it, but that doesn't mean that you should be chasing it 24/7. No way! Taking a break from the dating scene is sometimes the best thing you can do for your romantic life. There are so many reasons why a dating detox could make sense for you. ... you need a rest from the terrible first-date merry-go-round. Hello, that sentence basically describes my 20s! Looking back, I wish I took more dating detoxes instead of jumping headlong into bad date after bad date. It got exhausting and frustrating. ... you need a break after a serious relationship ends. I sure did after my big breakup! I went months before I was ready to date, and I’m so glad I did. I used that time to heal, get to know myself better and realign my priorities. ... you’re just too busy for love. I’ve been there too. Dating the right way takes a lot of time and effort. If you don’t have the hours or the energy to spend right now, wait until you do. You’ll be more successful when the time is right -- love comes when you're ready for it. Read more

How to dress professionally and still be sexy

Sexy wrap dress
Even though I'm in the business of love, I think it's important to dress like a powerhouse. I love my business, and I want to represent it well -- I want to be taken seriously in my workplace, but I also want to show my personality because god knows I have a lot of it! I totally believe you can change your mood by dressing for the best, and I’ve found a nice balance of clothes that portray me as a successful entrepreneur and still give me the sexy edge a working woman deserves. Here's some of my fave brands that get the job done: Read more