10 Reasons to Delete Your Hook Up App!

Most of the better part of my career has been spent sitting in conversations with men pleading with me to help them find a boyfriend.  After many hours of hearing them out I begin to ask them a little about themselves and dig deep into what they really want from a relationship. Inevitably we get to discussing how they currently meet men and as if it was a scene from Groundhogs Day, they always answer the same way: Read more

Now that you have him, how do you keep him?

couple chained together
I’m all for being besties with your man, but one must remember to never get too comfortable in any relationship, as that is a slippery slope to taking your partner for granted, and likewise, your partner will also reciprocate that behavior, putting the relationship in a danger zone with a lack of passion and a surplus of boredom. Here are three main tips to keeping your relationship spicy and making sure that spark between you two stays lit and what you guys had from the beginning stays fresh, ultimately keeping you happy and keeping your man forever yours! Read more

What’s Too Soon for Sex?

All of you know me from the show, hear me say ‘No Sex Without Monogamy’. Yet why does it seem like so many women think that by spreading their legs they are going to be able to get the man to commit? Do you really think having sex with him right away is going to seal the deal? Don't you realize by now that when you have sex with him too early he's just going to see you as another booty call or a woman that gives it up too easily? By giving a man what he’s after early on, he loses his reason to chase. And men love to chase. It’s in their DNA. I don’t’ mean you should be a tease, but you can give him a chance to fall in love with you before you start sleeping with him. Remember, men fall in love with your virtue, not your vagina. Join David Wygant and I today as we talk about this controversial subject. A subject so dear to my heart that by listening to today's advice might actually change the way you date and could change the way men fall in love with you.

The Power of Being Present

woman stares up at the clouds mediating and being present
This post isn’t going to be a long one, but I’m hoping it moves you enough to start taking action this week. I see so many people “limping” through life, rather than bursting into every day full of life and passion. So here we go… Read more

Dating Outside of Your Age Range: True Love, or Disaster?

Young woman and older man on a date
Recently, questions about controversial dating topics (age gaps, religious differences, monetary issues, overcoming vanity, etc.) have been popping up in my inbox from PattiKnows readers. So, I thought it was about time that I address some of them. Let’s start with age gaps. Keep in mind while you read my responses to these top 5 questions that every dating situation is different, and that these answers are general in nature. Read more

5 Things Men Want in Bed

Woman strandles man in bed
We’ve all flipped through Cosmo tips on what men want in bed, whether it’s a twist of the wrist during a hand job or sexy eye contact during oral sex. Sure, technique is important, but Cosmo’s glossing over what guys want more than anything— a woman who is genuinely into sex and knows what she wants. Men don’t want you to just go through the motions. No one wants to have sex with a robot (well most people, anyway). Men want a woman who actually wants to have sex, initiates it, enjoys it, and is open to new things. Read more