Dating in Nashville

Nashville Date Night: The Sutler


The Sutler


Who says live music has to remain in the Broadway Honky Tonks? The Sutler in Melrose provides live music and a trendy bar vibe that is absolutely perfect for a date; casual yet upscale. Live bands give you a fabulous excuse to lean in a little closer to talk to your date, which is never a bad thing! In addition to the great atmosphere, The Sutler is affordable with a bottle of Pinot Noir for $24, a steal!

“Shareables” on dates add a bonding experience and an additional topic of conversation. The Sutler’s menu is conducive to this featuring “snacks”, “dunks”, and “veggies” options. Picking and choosing which culinary creations to split is both fun and flirty.

If you’re not quite ready to call it a night, you and your date should check out the amazing lounge downstairs. It has a vibe that reminiscent of a speakeasy in New York or Chicago. It provides a new environment to liven up your date with the convenience of not having to leave the restaurant!