Makeup Finds That Last

Ladies if you’re anything like me you are busy and don’t have time to check if your lipstick is on our teeth or if your blush is now on our significant other. We need makeup we can apply quickly that will stay where we put it, on our face. I’ve found a few fail proof products that make looking your best last longer.

wet n wild mega last lipstick

For lipstick that last throughout the day with minimal touch-up I turn to a drugstore favorite, Wet n Wild Megalast lipstick. This lipstick is matte, moisturizing, and economically friendly! With over 25 different shades to choose from you are bound to find the perfect color for any occasion.


Cailyn Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte tint for lips is another great product for long lasting lips. This lip tint gives long lasting wear and you can apply a lip color on top of this tint to get even longer results. I have started to use their lip tints under all my lip glosses or lip sticks that way the color on my lips for eight hours. Talk about extreme long wear lip color!

For cheeks that stay in place all day try cream blush. I’m a fan of Makeup Forever HD blush and Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Colour blush. To get the best results, apply your cream blush after you apply your foundation, but before you powder in order to seal the color in. If you have really oily skin then you can apply powder blush on top of your setting powder for additional seal proof benefits.

Speaking of powder… a powder puff is your makeup bestfriend. Regardless if you wear BB cream, foundation, or tinted moisturizer it will not stay in place without a minimal amount of powder. Push the powder into your face with the puff as a finishing touch for lasting makeup benefits.


Eyeliner….it starts out in place but ends up moving everywhere. The next thing you know we look in the mirror and wonder why no one told us that we have morphed into a raccoon. I have tested eyeliner after eyeliner in my 17 years of doing makeup and have only found three that stay in place. Bobbi brown gel eyeliner this formula is smooth and must be applied with a brush. It goes on and stays on! Makeup Forever Aqua liners they are truly waterproof even under water. And lastly Dior water proof crayon eyeliner.

Quick tip if you find you have very oily or hooded lids you can take a brush and place an eyeshadow that is a similar color on top of your liner to give it additional lasting benefits. Also smudging your liner crayon with powdered eyeshadow creates the most beautiful soft smokey haze and is a easy way to create smokey eyes. I’ll discuss smokey eyes more in detail next week.