The Healthy Heart

An Interview with Whitney English


Finding a balance between dating and living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. Some of us are so committed to our diet and exercise routines that we turn down romantic dinner dates in lieu of eating chicken and broccoli out of a tupperware, while others completely throw any semblance of healthy living out the window when dating, choosing instead to eat, drink and binge watch Netflix on the couch in a new relationship love cocoon. So what’s a girl to do when she wants to make the most out of being single without sacrificing her health and fitness goals? I asked Whitney English, celebrity journalist, host and author of the website “To Live and Diet In LA” for her tips and insight on dating while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check out her answers below! 

What to do if your boyfriend eats everything and anything but you’re watching your weight?

Try to find recipes that seem indulgent but are really healthy. For instance, if your boyfriend likes burgers and fries, make turkey burgers with wheat buns and sweet potato fries. Don’t tell him the meal if healthy though, or he’ll automatically assume it’s not going to taste good. On my blog, I have tons of “dude-friendly” recipes for picky guys like tacos, burgers and even cookies. Try these:

Fish Tacos:

Turkey Burgers & Zucchini Fries:

Peanut Butter Cookies:

An idea of a healthy but not boring meal to make for an at home date night?

If you want to spice things up for a date night, try one of these impressive but easy to make meals. Both are man-tested and approved by my fiance!

Spicy Peanut Pad-Thai:

Lamb Ragu:

Favorite active date ideas?

I love taking our dates outdoors, and incorporating exercise with romance. My fiance and I love to go on long hikes in Malibu on the weekend and finish with a healthy picnic at the top of the mountain.

Couples yoga is another fun way to spend time together. Some studios offer special workshops to show you poses you can do with two people.

Renting bikes, going horseback riding, or trying a new sport like taking surf lessons together are also great couples activities.

Your take on relationship weight-I recently heard someone say that gaining ten pounds when you’re in love is normal, and that it’s actually a good thing aka “happy weight”-do you agree?

I don’t know what the exact number is but people definitely can gain weight when they’re in a relationship. Whether it’s “happy weight” or not depends on how it makes you feel! Some people workout extra hard or diet a lot when they’re single and then when they become attached they stop those activities. If health and fitness are important to you – and looking good – I think it’s important to find someone with similar goals so you can continue to live an active lifestyle together. If your significant other isn’t into those things, you can give some of the healthy eating and date ideas I recommended a try to get them on board. Regardless, if you’re happy and eating healthy, then I wouldn’t worry about a few extra pounds.

Your favorite restaurants in LA that are healthy but still really cool/romantic

Gracias Madre – vegan Mexican food. Super hip vibe and incredibly tasty food. Sit on the patio for great people watching.

True Food – organic, locally sourced ingredients and creative dishes. Cool, modern look. Healthy meals for vegans and carnivores alike. In the Santa Monica Place Shopping Center.

Laurel Hardware – oozing sex appeal and filled with attractive singles. Great place to impress a date or hit up for a GNO.

Cook’s County – rustic and chic “farm-to-table” fare. Perfect for an upscale date night.

Eveleigh – dubbed on of the best patio’s in LA, this shabby-chic, farm-to-table venue serves amazing food and fresh fruit cocktails.