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How to Find a Good Nail Salon and DIY Nail Care Tips

By Adriana Arreguin @Facesbyadriana

In a world where nail salons are in every corner, how do you know which ones are trustworthy enough to leave your nails beautifully designed and manicured?

Well today we are in for a treat as Sigourney Nuñez @nailartbysig, an editor for NAILS Magazine, gives us the scoop on how to find the hottest nail salons that keep up with the latest trends, as well as offers DIY nail care tips for maintenance between appointments.

PK: What do you look for in a nail salon so that you know you’re in good hands?
Sig: A clean environment that follows sanitation protocol is on the top of my list. Is the nail tech’s work station clean? Are the tools she’s using disinfected or new? Has that pedicure tub been scrubbed before your service? These are questions you should be asking yourself before you sit in the chair.
At NAILS, we created a quick client handout for mani mavens to use as a check off list when choosing a quality nail salon. You can check it out here.

PK: How do you go about finding these nail salons?
Sig: Nails are really big on Instagram. I recommend following nail salons and nail techs in your area so you can get a close-up look at the work they are doing on their current clientele. If you like what you see, make an appointment.

PK: Name three nail salons in LA or surrounding areas that you recommend and why.
House of Polish in Beverly Hills has an all-star staff of nails techs that can do it all and you can literally get anything you want. Nail piercings, intricate nail art designs and outrages bling to boot. Not to mention their wall-to-wall polish rack is a must-see. It’s like a nail polish heaven.
Blossom Beauty Lounge in Redondo Beach has a team of nail techs that stay on top of their game. They attend beauty trade shows and are always improving their technique. The salon has a two-month waiting period so you know they are doing something right.
Two Browned Eye Girls in Los Angeles offers beautifully executed Japanese nail art. The nails techs there studied nails in Japan and create masterfully crafted nails. The salon also has easy access parking which in LA, is a big bonus.

PK: How can I get my manicure to last between nail visits?
Sig: I think it’s important to remember this cardinal rule: Nails are jewels not tools—make sure you take care of the work you paid for. Try to avoid using your nails to pry things open. If you’re washing dishes, use gloves to protect your skin and nails from dehydration. Always keep your skin and nails moisturized. Make a good hand lotion, cuticle oil, and keratin treatment for nails your new can’t-live-without products.