Where Have All The Good Men Gone?


I understand your frustration ladies. All you want is an honest, loyal, loving, and fun guy to share your life with. We’re all here on this earth to find and share love with each other, so why does finding a good man feel like looking for a needle in a giant haystack?

I must be told a dozen or more times every week that, “There are no good men out there anymore David. All men are liars and cheats. I’ll never find a decent man. All the good men are taken!”

I’m here today ladies to state for the record, there are MILLIONS of great men out there. How can I be so sure? Because I deal with tens of thousands of them every single year. Just the same as I get emails every day from women looking for love, I get emails from men who want exactly the same thing.

These are hardworking, loving; sensitive men that have bundles of passion and a great sense of humor. These are men you would LOVE to date given half a chance, I guarantee it.  So why aren’t you meeting these great men of mine?

It’s because most of these great men have the same dating hang-ups as YOU do. They’re worried they won’t be good enough for you. They’re worried you won’t find them attractive. They think you’re not interested in a relationship. They assume you must have a boyfriend because you’re so attractive. And the killer… They won’t approach you because you look like you don’t want a man to approach you!

That’s right…

There are amazing men out there who want to meet you, but when they see you buried in your phone, staring at the floor, or giving them a scowl when they look your way, they think you don’t want to meet them. That’s right, men are just as scared about meeting someone new as you are. Most men need some kind of visual clue that you’re open to a conversation.

Men are just as scared about meeting someone new as you are.

That clue can be as simple as a smile, or as flirty as a wink. It can even be as simple as just looking back at them when they catch your eye. I think it’s time you realized how vulnerable men are when it comes to dating. I’m doing the best I can to get these guys to come out of their shells and to develop more self-confidence, but you ladies need to do your bit to help them along too!

In the following video, I introduce you to some great guys I was working with recently, and each one will explain his particular dating “hang up” and why it stops him approaching you. I think it’s going to open your eyes to what really goes on in a man’s head when he’s out there trying to meet a woman like you.

Once you’ve watched the video, I want you to CLICK HERE to get an even deeper insight into the male mind, so you know how to speak our love language and hook our heart.