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Gift ideas for the man who has everything



I hear people joke that Santa has the easiest job in the world. One overnighter delivering gifts and he’s done for another 364 more days. But, let’s get real. He has a seriously hard job. Giving gifts is no joke! As much as I love being a gift giver, I really find it stressful to find the perfect gift. And there’s no gift that’s more stressful than finding the perfect thing for that new man in your life who already seems to have everything. Well, I have some ideas at several price points that should help you in your search.


Even the man who has everything doesn’t have enough luxury items in his life. (I mean, does anyone really have enough luxury? There’s always room for more!) So, get your man something he would never get himself that will make him feel pampered. And if you want to get really cheeky, you can tell him that he can keep these luxury items at your place and use them when he’s spending the night with you!


Heated shaving cream dispenser, $29.99

Thermal bathrobe, $69.50

Cologne, $215



The one thing your man can’t already have enough of is great new experiences with you. Buy him tickets to a show. Book a couple’s massage. Sign yourselves up for a cooking class. Or, if you’re on a budget, turn your apartment into a romantic Moroccan wonderland with some scarves, music and yummy Moroccan dishes. Cook or get take out, whatever floats your boat! Your man who has it all will definitely appreciate doing some new or special with you, no matter what he can afford on his own.



Every man likes getting his clothing bought for him. My friend once dated a buyer for a major department store who was always dressed to the nines and he still love when she picked out his clothing. Get your man something he can wear and he’ll be happy. You can buy him something he doesn’t have or buy him a really luxury version of an item he wears all the time. Here are some things I’d love to give.


Wool scarf, $87.50

Cashmere sweater, $178.00

Cool hat, $34.00


No gifts

One of my girlfriends and her fiancé just decided that they weren’t doing gifts this year. They’re saving for their wedding. They both committed to not buying anything, but they marked off a Friday night where they’re going to drink mulled wine together and binge watch their favorite show while wrapping gifts for their family. It sounds like a really cute date night to me and takes all of the stress out of gift giving.

Happy holidays, my loves! Let me know the best gift you’ve ever gotten from a significant other in the comments below.