The easiest way to make your days sexier

First impressions are critical when it comes to dating. Literally nothing’s more effective in making a match than instant sex appeal. But, so many of my clients don’t want to wear their sexiness on their sleeves, especially during the day. As a professional woman looking for love, I get it. You want to be attractive all day long and obviously don’t want to miss any potential romantic connections, but you’re not about leading with sex during daylight hours. So, how do you make yourself sexy during the day without feeling trashy? Easy! Eye of Love! Eye of Love is a line of pheromone-based fragrances formulated to enhance your chemistry with others and they have two amazing scents that are perfect for daytime.

Morning Glow

This one’s for my single girls who’ve tried literally everything and aren’t sure why they can’t attract a good dude. Put some Morning Glow on your pressure points before you leave the house and you’ll be swatting men away. The pheromones are actually scentless, but they work amazingly well to lure in men. With Morning Glow, Eye of Love has paired their renowned pheromones with a deliciously floral scent. Think ylang ylang, jasmine, apple blossoms, freesia and violets. It’s so feminine. I’m obsessed with how girly this makes me feel when I have it on. While the pheromones are what allure the men to you, it doesn’t hurt that ylang ylang is known to increase sexual desire and jasmine is an aphrodisiac. I can vouch for how effective this is. I never leave home without dabbing it on.


Men, you’re not giving yourself a fair shot at love if you’re not wearing Confidence. It’s musky and masculine. Honestly, it smells like what I assume Hugh Grant in Love Actually smelled like. It’s a dreamy blend of coriander seed, jasmine, citrus and vanilla. The perfect combination for a daytime cologne. Of course it doesn’t just smell good, it works to attract women. It’s given so many of my male clients an extra edge on first dates. I can see it actually increase their confidence. It’s the perfect thing for any man who needs a little boost.

Massage Candle

I also have to mention this new product I just tried from Eye of Love – the Massage Candle. It’s a candle that’s made with shea butter. When you light it, it completely melts into a sensual oil and becomes this 3-in-1 product – pheromone, fragrance and moisturizer. The massage candle is available in both Morning Glow and Confidence and lighting one is the best way to start your day. I light a Morning Glow Massage Candle when I’m getting ready and it makes everything smell amazing. By the time I’m leaving for the day, I can use the melted oil as my fragrance. My massage candle turns my morning routine into a sultry escape. I love starting my day with it!

Hope you check out Eye of Love and enjoy your days. They’re about to get much, much sexier!

This post written in partnership with Eye of Love.