Daily horoscopes: July 16, 2018


(March 20 – April 19):

The longer something eludes you, the more resolute you become.  What others consider a recipe for disaster, you see as a formula for success.


(April 20 – May 20):

A goal remains beyond reach.  Why take risks when you don’t have to?  Bide your time until it becomes a comfortable stretch.


(May 21 – June 20):

Discovering a secret stash brightens the mood.  It’s nice to know you planned ahead – even if you can’t remember when (or why) you did it.


(June 21 – July 21):

The rules are changing at work and everyone’s on edge.  Pare down expectations and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. A transition is easier done than said.


(July 22 – Aug. 22):

If a potential buyer is in retreat, then don’t pursue.  You win more points by giving him/her space.  You’ll hear back soon.


(Aug. 23 – Sept. 22):

The more you push for a prize, the more it’s withheld.  You should know better by now.  Fein indifference and sellers come looking for you.


(Sept. 23 – Oct. 22):

Something you’re aiming for doesn’t look like it will come together now. It’s just as well.  There are more pressing matters close to home.


(Oct. 23 – Nov. 21):

You’re under pressure to quit. You don’t want to stay where you aren’t appreciated. But why accommodate others’ timetables? Leave when you’re ready.


(Nov. 22 – Dec. 20):

Things get stressful with a boss, but hold your ground. You’re right and he’s wrong.  But you have to be politic about pointing it out.


(Dec. 21 – Jan. 19):

Worst case scenarios abound, but you don’t have to believe them. Developments late in the day confirm you’re right to stay the course.


(Jan. 20 – Feb. 17):

A heart-to-heart talk reminds you of personal values lost in the shuffle. This is why your friends serve as both memory and conscience.


(Feb. 18 – March 19):

Usually you rely on the advice of friends, but go it alone for now. They mean well, but are invested in life returning to normal.