Daily horoscopes: April 9, 2019


(March 20 – April 19):

You’re poised to gain in one area only to lose in another.  Thankfully you’ll see the pluses outweigh the minuses by day’s end.


(April 20 – May 20):

You’re positively hypnotic when Neptune energy augments your powers of attraction.  Your wish will be everyone’s command.


(May 21 – June 20):

Neptune in Pisces has been working its magic. Take a look inside and you’ll see that you’re more loving, caring, and emotionally fulfilled than ever before.


(June 21 – July 21):

Lower your defenses and share what you feel today.  The love life you save may be your own.


(July 22 – Aug. 22):

Hidden costs come in clusters.  Expect to write one check after the next and don’t bother stalling because there’s nothing you can do about it.  The energy lifts after April 14.


(Aug. 23 – Sept. 22):

You’ve been doing all the work in your relationship.  Thankfully the clouds of self-absorption will lift soon and you’ll feel like you have a partner again.


(Sept. 23 – Oct. 22):

Is it too much to ask for a stress free existence?  No.  But now may not be the best time to ask for it.


(Oct. 23 – Nov. 21):

Come clean about your fears and insecurities.  Not only will you find a sympathetic audience; s/he’ll even think it’s sexy.


(Nov. 22 – Dec. 20):

You’ll be able to get away with just about anything today, but don’t go overboard or you’ll wind up having to pay for it tomorrow.


(Dec. 21 – Jan. 19):

In true Capricorn fashion you’re probably undervaluing what you have.  A bidding war wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen right now. Sit back and enjoy the show.


(Jan. 20 – Feb. 17):

Everyone’s so focused on immediate gain.  Whet their appetites by painting a picture of what lies further down the road if they’d only hold off a little longer.


(Feb. 18 – March 19):

Don’t let the fantasy drain the life out of your reality.  You’ll never know if you’re meant to be together if you don’t speak up.