Daily horoscopes: April 5, 2018


(March 20 – April 19):

It feels like people are poking holes in your dreams today but they’re actually trying to get you to wake up to certain forgotten details.


(April 20 – May 20):

Instead of pushing forward you may want to retrace your steps. This would be a good time to go back to the drawing board.


(May 21 – June 20):

Learn to work within imposed limits. All of this time being spent trying to escape a situation would be better spent maximizing it.


(June 21 – July 21):

A lot of people don’t know how to apologize. Help a repentant loved one up and over the hurdle with a sign of encouragement.


(July 22 – Aug. 22):

You’re probably working harder now than you have in years, but one look at the things you have in life makes it all a labor of love.


(Aug. 23 – Sept. 22):

Today’s criticisms hit a soft spot. You know they’re meant well, but they still sting. Something to remember when spooning out your own strong medicine in the future.


(Sept. 23 – Oct. 22):

Someone wants back in to your good graces, but this person needs to do more than turn over a whole new leaf. What you’re talking about here is a change in foliage.


(Oct. 23 – Nov. 21):

Today you unearth a technicality that could prove to be a deal-breaker. Inform unsuspecting parties.


(Nov. 22 – Dec. 20):

You can’t cut your way to sustainability. You have to have a viable plan. Thankfully there’s a consultant nearby who can help you fashion one.


(Dec. 21 – Jan. 19):

Are you really listening or just waiting for your chance to respond? Listen to the way you listen. You may learn something.


(Jan. 20 – Feb. 17):

Reverie turns to regret as Mercury squares Saturn again. Don’t remain immobilized by self-recrimination. You can still make things right.


(Feb. 18 – March 19):

You may think you’re beholden to the people who lord over you but you’re not. They’re dependent on you never realizing that they need you more than you need them.