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Summer Lovin’: 3 Reasons Why This Is Your Dating Season

There's nothing worse than standing in the grocery checkout line during the summer. Every magazine appears to be staring you in the face, shouting, "Hey, it's bikini season, do you really think you should be buying that pint of Chunky Monkey?" You eye your cart and consider removing the offensive items, wondering if it's all worth it anyway. Who is going to see you naked this summer? You haven't met anyone new since that jerk over the holidays, but Ben & Jerry have always been there for you. Read more

Deep Breathing For Better Sex

Stop the O-Blocking: Breathe Deeply For Better Sex Q: Dear Emily In the past year, I have been on a mission to have regular orgasms and since I’m currently single, this has been mostly a solo mission. I’ve been taking all of your advice: I've got the sex toys and the lube, I know where all my hot spots are and I know how to touch them, but I’m still only orgasming a third of the time. It’s so frustrating! Sometimes I will be right on the cusp of climaxing, but Read more

Are you Cliterate?

Okay, you might be a little confused, and that's okay! Let me start by explaining the term Cliteracy.

Cliteracy (n.) The art of being knowledgeable and skilled in the workings and details of female anatomy.

Many of you may be thinking, "Okay, well I know what I've got going on down there. The clitoris is that button, right? DONE." You may be aware of its existence, but knowing that it exists does not make you knowledgeable or skilled in Cliteracy. That'd be like saying "I know where the eggs, sugar and butter are in my pantry - Hey, I'm a chef!". Cliteracy involves an understanding of where the clitoris is, how it works, and most importantly, how to please it. But first, let's talk some little known facts about the clitoris… Read more

Ask Emily: Am I Addicted to My Vibrator?

Q: Dear Emily, Thanks to you, I am now a woman with several sex toys. I have recently fallen in love with my Magic Wand vibrator, and it has totally changed things for me in that I can now not only orgasm, but have multiple orgasms! But now I'm wondering.. Is it bad that I only ever want to use my vibrator to masturbate? The things is, I've heard rumors about vibrators actually desensitizing the clitoris, and now I'm worried that I'm ruining my vagina! Is this true? Whenever I go back to using my hands, it takes SO long to get there and I'm not even sure if I'm climaxing. Has it already started? Am I addicted to my vibrator? Help! Read more

Dear Emily: Why Does My Partner Want Me To Touch Myself In Front of Him?

Q: Dear Emily, My boyfriend and I have a great sex life, but there is one issue that keeps popping up. He recently asked me to pleasure myself in front of him, and it’s not the first time he has made this request. I masturbate from time to time, but never in front of another person! I feel like masturbation is such a private activity and trying to do it in front of him feels awkward and forced. The last time he asked, I got angry and told him to do it himself and see how it feels, but my plan backfired because he totally loved it. Why is this such a big turn on for him? And how can I masturbate for my BF without feeling so uncomfortable? Read more

Good Friends, Terrible Dating Advice

Why you should be careful taking guy advice from your girlfriends

There are certain things you can always count on from your girlfriends: You know that no matter what outfit you’re putting together, they will have the shoes to match that top. They understand the healing power of a latte. If you need feminine supplies, they will not rest until the correct product is slipped discreetly into your hand. And most importantly, if you are experiencing relationship troubles, they will be there at the drop of a hat to listen, analyze and give advice. Even it is three in the morning and you’re freaking out over a mixed text message, you know that all you need to do is put out the bat signal and they will materialize, wine in hand, to help you sort through the mess. Read more
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