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Dating Dos & Don’ts

I received a question from a reader:
"Dear Anita, I’m always single. I read advice online and my friends try to help me. What advice
would you give me? I’d like to find love in 2015."
- Single in San Antonio
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Why You Should Know Each Other’s Chipotle Orders

One evening my boyfriend came over, and stopped at Chipotle on his way to bring me some dinner. He texted me to see what I wanted. My brief responses of “chicken taco” and “you know what I want” apparently didn’t help him too much, because he didn’t get my order right. I wondered, “How could he not know that I prefer corn over flour tortillas, and that I love sour cream with my Mexican food?!? We’ve been dating for almost 8 months!” When I asked him, he then threw down the gauntlet – “What do I like at Chipotle?” Without missing a beat I recited his usual order and he replied by putting his hands up in the air and saying, “Ok ok, you proved your point.” Read more

Is Your Relationship Bumpy? Good!

One of the things that I tell all of my clients who are dating is that you want to put in the work upfront so that you choose a good partner. What does this mean for a relationship? It means that the first year of your relationship may be a little bumpy, but that is a good thing! Read more

Stop Doing This After a Date

Have you ever had – what you considered – a great date, and then you never heard from the guy again? Then you start thinking about everything that you said, how you “blew it,” what you did to scare him away and so on. You may even reach out to your friends, divulging every detail of your date to see if they could pinpoint where you went wrong? Stop it. Read more

5 Questions to Ask Before You Break Up

I received a question from a reader: Dear Anita, I’m in a 5-month relationship with my boyfriend. Things were great in the beginning but it’s been rocky the last couple of months. We’ve been arguing more and I don’t hear from him as often as I used to. I thought he was “The One” but now I’m not so sure. How do I know when to give up? Should I break up with him? Read more

How to Fall Out of Love

A common problem presented to me is, “Anita, I love my partner, but I’m just not in love with them anymore.” Usually my clients don’t realize that they were active participants in falling out of love by the choices they made over the course of their relationship. Frequent pitfalls they seem to experience include: Read more