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How to Create Your Dating Persona

Are you one of those people with a vacation mindset? You know what I mean. You visit a friend in Los Angeles for the weekend. And for some reason or another, you can meet people. It's easier. But when you got home, you just don't feel the same. You can't seem to get out of your head. You can't seem to find that dynamic person that you were in L.A., and you go back to being your regular, average self, stuck in your day-to-day life. You wonder where that person went. But every time you travel, whether it's Miami, Los Angeles, New York,  or Vegas, you seem to be able to create this magnetic personality. You don't seem to care at all. You flirt. You have fun. You relax and have a good time. But when you're home, you worry about what other people think. You worry about what someone will say if you try to flirt with somebody at the gym, or the super market. And, what if you get rejected? So, how do you become that ‘Road Warrior’, in your every day life? Today, David and I dive into that and show you exactly how you can have that dynamic personality all the time. More importantly, how nobody really cares about that un-dynamic person you present yourself as at home. How this magnetic road personality will make people at home want to not only date you, but be near you and hang out with you. Today, we expose the truth about the magnetic Road Warrior dating personality, and how to transform it into your life.

“I Will Make Them Understand”

Have you seen the movie The Little Mermaid? One of the best Disney movies of all time because it had so many great social statements. No, not that a woman that can turn into an octopus and take over a mermaid empire. Though that sounds like fun. But one of the best lines, and it's something a lot of people go into their relationships with: “I will make them understand”. Read more

Do you date on potential?

The Millionaire Matchmaker Love Report
Are you sick of dating "potential"? Does this sound familiar to you? "He'd be the perfect guy, if only..." "The guy I'm dating right now, I get so frustrated… if he would only listen to me, just a little bit. We could be so great for each other." "I know he wants to change, I mean, I think he does. I just don’t understand why he's not changing." Read more