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Arrington Vineyards

Growing tired of the traditional dinner date scene? Us too! We suggest whipping out your favorite plaid blanket and picnic basket! The spring weather creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy Music in the Vines hosted at Arrington Vineyards. Read more

5 Reasons Why Girls Can’t Resist a Bad Boy

How to know if your bad boy is boyfriend material
It hit us the other day that we love bad boys. We came to this realization while watching an episode of the OC, while we were missing our high school days and feeling nostalgic. We always were Ryan Atwood fans, whereas all our high school friends, dressed in their catholic school girl uniforms, prefered the straight laced and quirky Seth Cohen. The reality of our obsession sunk in as we switched from the OC to “Walk the Line” and started instantly swooning over the conflicted bad boy Johnny Cash. We just love him. Upon further discovery, we realized that in the TV and movie world, we almost always instantly fall for the bad boy. We know that we are not alone. Read more

Nashville Date Night: Sinema

Any restaurant that has named a drink “Bye Felicia” is a winner in our books. If you’re looking to make a date night upscale and special, look no further than Sinema located in the Melrose area. Aptly named, Sinema is housed in the historic Melrose theatre. Read more

Does the “Cool Girl” always win?

It goes without saying that in one of our favorite books, now movie, Gone Girl, Amy Elliot Dunne is fully aware of how to play a "cool girl". What is a "cool girl" you ask? Well, in its simplest form a "cool girl" is a guys-girl, the girl whose boyfriends friends all say, "dude she's the best!".

"Cool girls" are the ones who look perfect at all times, even after "rolling out of bed". They drink hard liquor and beer and never get sloppy drunk. They can talk sports all night and laugh at dirty jokes. All guys want a "cool girl". And... why wouldn't they? "Cool girls" are basically dudes that are attractive, have boobs, and are down for absolutely anything in the bedroom. "Cool girls" always get the guy. The thing guys don't realize is that this "cool girl" does not exist. No girl is entirely this cool, she is simply a role well played.

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Nashville Date Night: Kayne Prime

Kayne Prime

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Save 50 Bucks

Girls read and write about guys that rejected them all the time! But what about the other guys? What about the guys that we rejected? Don’t they deserve a little attention?

We’ve all done this, found some guy that we were super excited about for a scant amount of time and ended up not liking him. Maybe this guy got your number at your favorite bar and you later regretting giving it to him. Maybe you went out with him once and felt no attraction. Maybe you got his name, stalked his medias and thought, “oh hell no!”. Whatever the reason, you just aren't interested.

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