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My boyfriend’s addicted to sports! Help!


A complaint I hear from so many women is that their men are addicted to sports and it’s ruining their relationships. At first, I thought this was an exaggeration. But, I’ve learned that it’s not. Sports can feel like another woman when you’re in a relationship with an avid sports watcher. They’re always on, they’re always getting your man’s attention and they’re always wearing tighter pants than you! I’m actually a fan of some sports, in limited doses, so I’ve never fully suffered through is-my-man-kinda-cheating-on-me-with-sports syndrome. But, here’s what I’d do if I were going through it.

Talk To Him

Your man isn’t a mind reader. You need to tell him how you’re feeling or else he won’t ever know. Like always, be as calm and unemotional as possible when you’re talking to him. Have examples of incidents when sports really felt intrusive on your relationship and be specific about how those incidents made you feel. If it’s during a heavy sports period for him, try to plan the conversation around his viewing schedule so you can be sure to have his full attention.

Have Something Else In Common

Do you all have shared interests outside of sports? If yes, explore those with him. If you don’t, work on finding something fun that you both enjoy doing. Make sure he sees you as his girlfriend who’s encouraging him to do other fun stuff together and not just his girlfriend who’s forcing him to cut back on doing something he loves.

Plan Date Times

Set up sport-free dates with your man at least once a week. Be sure to plan these with him and get his buy in on the timing for the dates. You don’t want him to be checking his phone for the score during your date. You want his undivided attention.

Get Involved

I hate to say it, because I know it’s the last thing you want to hear, but try to get involved with his love of sports. This could means watching the games with him sometimes. It could just mean sitting next to him while he watches and you stream Orange is the New Black on your iPad. At least you’re cuddling with him! Or, try going to some games in person. I find that going to a live event is fun, even when you’re not into the sport at all. Trust me, I’ve been to a live wrestling event! Never thought I’d like it, but it was awesome. Be supportive of his love of sports, even if you don’t appreciate them yourself.

Anyone out there ever broken up over a sports fight? When I asked my girlfriends this question, I got a shocking amount of “yes” answers. What about you guys?