#AskPatti: Health arguing, deal breakers, curvy girl problems & more!

Hello! And welcome back to another #AskPatti. Just wanted to let you lovelies know that I’m going to be scaling back on my #AskPatti columns. I’ll still be reading all of your questions and answering the best ones, but it just won’t be every week. So, keep those questions coming and be on the look out for answers on the site. I’m thinking I’ll be doing an #AskPatti about once a month moving forward, but it could be more! Just keep your eyes open!

Tough question. I think the most important element of being a couple who fights well is to realize that you’re both on the same team in the long term. There are no winners of couple fights, just a joint decision. If you realize that and keep the fighting clean—no name calling, no dredging up unrelated issues, no keeping track of who compromised last so that person needs to compromise this time—you’ll be golden.

The biggest deal breakers are financial philosophies, religious differences and wanting or not wanting children. That goes for me and for everyone. Discuss these things as early in a relationship as possible!

Hell yeah! Curvy girls are welcomed at my mixers. Keep in mind that what you see on TV is such a small sliver of my business. I cater to my clients and a lot of men out there are looking for women with curves. Please, send in your headshot and we’ll get you matched!

Lady, it sounds like you need to take a step back from this relationship and work on yourself. A truly loving relationship isn’t about control at all. Take some time to develop your own self-confidence and become as strong as you want to be and then find someone who loves you for the strong, confident woman you are. (And isn’t looking to control you!)

Keep those questions coming and I’ll talk to you soon!