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Are You Excited for 50 Shades of Grey?


Before the phenomenon known as “50 Shades of Grey,” the names “E.L. James” (the author), “Christian Grey” (the protagonist) and “Jamie Doornan” (the actor playing the aforementioned character in the movie version of the book) didn’t mean all that much.

Be honest – can you really name one thing Jamie Doornan has been in?

OK – aside from “Once Upon a Time.”

I tried reading the book in light of all the hype and the profound impact women told me it had on their lives, their relationships, and their sex lives. I definitely heard the phrase “You won’t look at your husband the same again,” but I just couldn’t read it.

Maybe I’m quite happy with the way I look at my husband, thankyouverymuch. Or maybe it’s because of the awful – read: GOD AWFUL – writing. Or maybe I am the one to blame because I’m a writer myself, and that’s why I just can’t look past bad, horrible, did I mention AWFUL writing? Call me a snob, go ahead.

Something about Alexandra – or was it Anastasia? – was just not interesting to me, and the Christian Grey character was odd and NOT in a sexy way. After 77 pages (or was it 69? – see what I did there?) I had to return the book to my sister and move on to another one on my reading list.

Ok, we have established that I hated the book.

Now, moving on……..the movie trailer is a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME. I am a firm believer that the book is ALWAYS better than the movie: Jurassic Park, Little Women, every single Harry Potter book in the series. But watching the movie trailer for “50 Shades of Grey” gave me chills, made me shiver and made me very very excited for February 2015 when it hits theaters.

In the same way that Robert Pattinson became the most-sought after young actor in Hollywood after his role in “Twilight” I predict this is Jamie Doornan’s “Edward Cullen moment” – not just because women were entranced and captivated by his character in the book, Christian Grey, but because of WHY they couldn’t get him out of their minds when they closed their books at night or powered down their Kindles.

Lust, passion and burning loins make for a very powerful combination, and all of that sexual energy that ran rampant through every female’s body and mind (and for some – home) is going to be automatically transferred to Jamie Doornan, the actor, once the movie hits theaters, if it hasn’t already with one viewing of the 2-minute and 26-second trailer.

I worked as a celebrity reporter in the early days of my career and visited quite a few sets of Robert Pattinson’s movies while he was there filming, and I was shocked, horrified and baffled by what girls did to him – shirt pulling, tears, mobs chasing him.  The same is bound to happen to poor – or LUCKY? – Jamie … except the packs chasing him won’t be teenyboppers cutting school. The pack chasing him will be women – grown women – cutting out of work early, leaving their kid at daycare just a few hours longer and having their husbands cook their own dinners because they are far too busy getting a glimpse of the man they have fantasized over, the man they have sometimes pictured their husbands or boyfriends or vibrators being – Christian Grey.

This is one movie I will be watching – will you?