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5 YouTubers to follow to get healthier


Hello my loves! Can you believe that it’s 2015? I really can’t. Have you all made your New Year’s resolutions yet? I know a lot of people don’t believe in making resolutions. It’s putting a lot of pressure on yourself for a big change, which isn’t exactly how to set yourself up for success. I’m all about self-improvement, though. And while I don’t think on January 1st we can all make drastic changes to make our lives immediately better, I do know that with dedication and small, but consistent tweaks to your life, you can get the results you’re after be it in love, career or health. Today I’m going to highlight some health and fitness YouTubers who I think can be part of your baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle in 2015. I hope you enjoy watching these vloggers as much as I do!


Cassey isn’t just a health inspiration to me, she’s all around impressive. She’s turned her passion for health and fitness into a very successful business and it’s really wonderful to watch. Even though I’ve never met her, I’m proud of her. (Is that weird?) Cassey makes super simple work out plans that are easy to follow. Her 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge is the newest plan and it couldn’t look easier. Go for it!


Brenda hasn’t been uploading that many videos recently, but her library of content is worth looking through. She has unique recipes for health treats and meals that I haven’t seen anywhere else and they’re generally really easy and don’t involve running to crazy health food stores. I can make her recipes with one quick trip to Trader Joe’s.


Marlena is much more of a makeup vlogger than she is a health expert, which is what makes her so great. She’s lost 125 pounds and she’s not a fitness fanatic or health guru. She’s a normal person who needed to get healthy and did it. And she’s completely honest about how hard and rewarding is has been for her. I love her makeup videos, of course, but I think I like her weight loss journey videos even more.


StyleHaul has a new fitness channel and this is it. It’s less personal than the other YouTubers I’ve recommended, but it’s still completely useful and full of great tips and tricks for getting yourself into a healthy groove.


Cambria is young, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I’ve tried her after school snack recipes and guess what? They work just as well as an at-your-desk snack!

Hopes this help those of you who want to get healthier this year. I want to support you all in every single one of your goals this year. So, comment below with anything you’re trying to achieve and I’ll see what I can do to help you out!