The 5 Types of Men to Avoid


All men are different, but there are certain types of men who will only do you more harm than good. Here are the top five types of guys who you are not worth one more second of your time!

1. The Ghost.

If a guy constantly disappears for no reason, cancels plans, doesn’t call or text for weeks on end…POOF just like a ghost, it might be time to lose his number. We all get busy, but if a man constantly makes you feel like you’re at the bottom of his priorities list, he’s probably not in it for the long haul, so why waste your time? Although it’s a tough pill to swallow, men who behave like this are not truly interested in you, and instead of waiting around for one more day hoping he’ll get in touch or recognize how amazing you are and commit 100%, it’s best to pull the plug on your own.

2. The Player

This is the guy who is surrounded by women at all times, and while it’s not his fault he has a magnetic personality, he doesn’t exactly scream “life long partner material”, now does he? A man should make you feel special and secure, when you’re in his presence and especially when you’re not, so if you’re dating a man who is also dating multiple women, this might not ever happen. Keep in mind that this type of guy is great at making you feel beautiful and like you’re the only woman in the room when you’re together, but when you’re apart…not so much.

3. The Man-Child

There is a massive epidemic of Peter Pan Syndrome sweeping the nation, and chances are you’ve bumped into a man-child or two lately. This is the kind of guy who only cares about two things-having fun and himself. Fun is awesome, I am a big fan of fun, but I also know that relationships and life in general aren’t always fun-and you deserve someone who is capable and willing to stay the course, not someone who doesn’t take life seriously and you have to take care of at all times. The man-child makes a great friend, but when matters of the heart are involved it’s best to look elsewhere.

4. The Misogynist

There is nothing appealing about a man who makes no apologies for his detest of any and all females. This kind of man might try to hide his disturbing world views by joking or being sarcastic, but listen to his words, ladies! No guy worth your time would think misogynistic jokes are funny, let alone share his negative thoughts with you and the world. He might be “perfect” in many other ways, but remember you’re worth more than a man who thinks he’s above you!

5. The Cheapskate

There is nothing wrong with sticking to a strict budget, and I don’t believe that the way a man should show a woman he cares is by showering her with gifts…but if a man constantly makes you feel like just hanging out with you is a drain on his finances, keep looking. If a guy invites you on a date, he should pay, and not complain about it or guilt trip you into going dutch. There are plenty of cheap date ideas, and most woman would agree that it’s not about the money a man spends, it’s about the effort he makes to plan special dates. There is nothing special about making a woman feel bad for not ordering water and the cheapest item on the menu, and behavior like this from a man is a red flag of things to come!