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How to turn a bad first date into a good experience

Bad first dates happen to everyone and if a bad first date hasn’t happened to you, it means you married your middle school boyfriend. If that’s the case, more power to you. For the rest of us, bad first dates are part of the game. Too often though, I see women get majorly bummed about a lemon of a first date. Don’t get sad about a bad first date! Here’s how to turn a bad first date into an experience you can feel good about. All you need to do is put a different lens on the situation. Read more

“I Want More Sex”

Reader I Want More writes, I've been married for almost 7 years I am 26 he is 30, no kids. My husband’s lack of sex drive has been a struggle our whole marriage. Both times I found what appeared to be a source of his lack of drive but the amount of sex hasn't changed despite those factors being gone. We have had it rough he had an affair six months in (we were very young, he was very stupid) and at 4 years I found out he was watching porn since he was 13. He tried to see a therapist but it didn't work out, we resolved it on our own.  We talk, I cry, he says sorry, he tried a bit, then it goes back into the same one a week thing. when we do have sex it's great and passionate and loving. He's my best friend. But it's not often enough and I feel rejected. Should I just be happy that when we have it it's great or should I keep pushing for more. By the way, his hormones have been tested and he's fine in that aspect. Help! Read more

The Boy From “HBS”

My girlfriends and I walked into a chic bar on Saturday night with the intention of dancing the night away.  One was married, the other lives with her boyfriend, and I of course, was the single friend.  They were excited to play wing-women for the night and were on the prowl for their lady.  While we were in the middle of rapping along to 2pac’s, “California Dreaming,” two very attractive men turned around to sing along as well. Read more

Save 50 Bucks

Girls read and write about guys that rejected them all the time! But what about the other guys? What about the guys that we rejected? Don’t they deserve a little attention?

We’ve all done this, found some guy that we were super excited about for a scant amount of time and ended up not liking him. Maybe this guy got your number at your favorite bar and you later regretting giving it to him. Maybe you went out with him once and felt no attraction. Maybe you got his name, stalked his medias and thought, “oh hell no!”. Whatever the reason, you just aren't interested.

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People always ask me, “Bruna, why are you single?”

And I’m never really sure how to answer that. I don’t get bothered by it. In fact, it’s kind of flattering. But to nip it in the bud once and for all–and to find a way to fully and honestly explain myself–I’ve decided to try and explain why I’m still single here.

Man, I really open up to you guys.

There are a lot of different factors that contribute to why I’m still on #TeamSingle:

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Compatibility Isn’t Everything: What Really Makes a Relationship Work

According to a study reviewed in Psychology Today called The Truth About Compatibility: Expert opinions on love and compatibility, and the interaction between biology and behavior (Hara Estroff Marano and Carlin Flora, 2004) examined relationships relative to compatibility and found that compatibility actually doesn’t revolve around a list of traits one has or doesn’t have, rather, compatibility is a process and something that one builds in their relationship. The study found that compatibility between a couple lies within the negotiating process within the relationship that is made up of one’s willingness to work together and both parties’ attitudes and dispositions. Read more