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Be Your Own Matchmaker: Patti and Lisa Clampitt of the Matchmaking Institute are Teaming up!

Sorry to take a break from my summer series, but I have some big new to share with you! Patti is making a special trip to NYC to lead an event that I am hosting for fabulous singles, on the evening of Thursday, July 10th starting at 5PM.   Read more

Let’s Talk About Sex Dreams

Sex dreams

What the mystery lover dream means

Of all the dream themes we experience, there is none as emotionally polarizing as the sex dream. These dreams will either leave you with a spring in your step or an inability to look others in the eye the next day. Back in the Middle Ages, sex dreams were so shameful that people attributed them to Incubi or Succubi, male and female sex demons, who would molest the unwary while they slept! This far-fetched idea was likely due to a need to absolve oneself from the perversion felt upon waking… “Wow, that couldn’t possibly have come from my mind! Why that must have been a horny little demon trying to wreak havoc on my pure and Godly thoughts! Yeah, that makes sense. I’m going with it.” Read more

What (Not) to Talk About With Your Partner

Too many sexual partners in the bedroom
It’s great when you feel like you can talk to your significant other about any and everything. But what if your partner wants to know something you don’t want to tell? What if they’re asking questions about your sex life before them? And what if, they ask you the dreaded question-How many many people have you slept with? Read more

Four Great Reasons to Ditch the Diet

Ditch the diet

1. Following the dictates of a diet rather than your internal cues like hunger and satisfaction require you to ignore natural instincts.

Hunger is a signal from your body’s intelligence center that it wants to eat and is prepared for the proper metabolism of food.  Hunger is healthy; ignoring it is not commendable and may create a hypo-metabolic mode (in other words, a slower metabolism).  This means that the majority of incoming calories are stored as as fat instead of burning them for energy. (From the “Metabolism” chapter of my book, The French Twist, Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management) Read more
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