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How to be supportive when your partner has been victimized

In light of all of the rape, abuse and harassment from Harvey Weinstein, and many, many others, that have been revealed recently, a lot of men and women are feeling safer talking about their own situations of sexual misconduct. Your partner may be one of these silent victims of sexual malfeasance. Unfortunately, most women and many men are. If your partner opens up to you about past or current sexual harassment, abuse or rape, here’s how to support them. Read more

What to do when your man is stressed but you need support

Relationships can be wonderful because you get double the joy, double the friends and double the fun. It’s a double-edged sword though, because you also get double the stress, double the pain and double the anxiety. As much as his dreams coming true mean your dreams come true, his suffering is also your suffering. It’s a big commitment to emotionally partner with someone because of these lows. Of course, the pluses should outweigh the minuses, but that doesn’t mean that the minuses aren’t there. They’re loud and proud and really hard to deal with. It becomes even more difficult when your man is in the dumps and you need support for something tough yourself. Here’s how to deal. Read more