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How to start dirty talking, even if you’re shy

Sex is an important part of a relationship. Obviously not the only important part, but it’s up there on the importance Richter scale. It’s also something that we don’t talk about nearly enough. And I don’t mean we don’t talk about it in the media. Because, yeah, there are sex tips and discussion all over the place. I mean, we don’t discuss it with our partners! I was shocked to hear that one of my girlfriends doesn’t talk about sex with her husband. Her husband! They have sex, but never go over their wants and desires and what would make their sex lives better. I guess they do it and then pretend it never happened? Read more

Summer Lovin’: 3 Reasons Why This Is Your Dating Season

There's nothing worse than standing in the grocery checkout line during the summer. Every magazine appears to be staring you in the face, shouting, "Hey, it's bikini season, do you really think you should be buying that pint of Chunky Monkey?" You eye your cart and consider removing the offensive items, wondering if it's all worth it anyway. Who is going to see you naked this summer? You haven't met anyone new since that jerk over the holidays, but Ben & Jerry have always been there for you. Read more

If I gave you the sex talk instead of your mother…

If I gave you the sex talk instead of your mother
  1. Sex can be a lot of fun, especially when you like the person you’re having sex with. (Let’s not get into hate sex right now).  
  2. Always use protection. Guys, slap on a condom. I don’t care if it doesn’t feel as spectacular as going in unclad. You’re still going to have orgasm and won’t have to pay child support for the rest of your life.Ladies, not only does birth control make your boobs bigger and your skin clearer, it prevents babies from popping out of you. There’s nothing worse than praying for your period. Then breaking down in tears of joy when the horrible cramps seize your body and you know you’re not pregnant.Get on birth control and make sure he’s wearing a condom. No guy is worth your time if he doesn’t want to wear one.  
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