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The rules of PDA: How much is too much?

Death, taxes and PDA. Yep, I include public displays of affection as one of the few constants in life. As long as people are in love and you’re not living in hiding, there’s going to be some public loving. PDA can be totally acceptable. Adorable, even. But it’s a slippery slope that can also be icky and completely inappropriate. Here’s a quick rundown of the yeses and nos. Read more

Could it be love? Signs that he’s starting to fall for you

You’ve found a cutie-patootie that makes you smile, makes your heart pitter patter and makes you a little juicy goosey. Congratulations! Initial attraction is important but just remember, it’s love when you can run errands together. If you’re still hesitating to celebrate the new dude because you’re stressing about him falling for you too, here are a few of the biggies when it comes to telltale signs that your relationship could be on its way to Heartsville. I've been there. It’s tough because you don’t want to scare him away with “the talk” too early, but once you hit a certain milestone you have to tell him what you want. My advice is to look for hints that he’s inching towards head over heels. Read more