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The only times women should have their own money in a marriage

I’m a huge proponent of women managing their own freaking money. Too many women I know let the men in their lives completely manage their finances with no visibility into their own dough. That’s a recipe for disaster. I know money stuff isn’t fun. But, sorry to break it to you – you’re an adult and not having fun is part of the job. So, put on your big girl panties and own your finances, even when they’re joint finances. That being said, some women don’t have all of their money in joint accounts. Read more

5 Things to do if he won’t propose

You found the dude you’re going to marry... you think. He has everything you’ve ever hoped for in a partner and is basically perfect except for one small thing... he won’t get down on one knee and pop the question. You’ve been waiting and waiting, but there have been no steps forward toward engagement. I get it, girl. I’ve been there myself. This can be totally infuriating and make you question your entire relationship. Before you totally spin out, take a deep breath and keep reading. Here are five things to do if your man just won’t propose. Read more

The Resurrection of a Vampire

How many of you have been through a divorce? How many of you have been through a divorce that took years? How many of you were separated for years before your divorce, and then you had to go through everything all over again? I've called this process the resurrection of a vampire. Read more

What to do if he’s not ready for the next step, but you are

Boys mature more slowly than girls. It’s a fact of life we’ve known since some twerp pulled our ponytail on the playground and thought it was flirting. That immaturity follows gender lines way into adulthood. And it gets more annoying along the way, especially in terms of relationships. It’s hard to be with someone who isn’t feeling the same emotions you are or in the same life stage, even if you are similar ages. A lot of my girlfriends complain about this when they’re ready to move in together or get married. Their long-term boyfriend doesn’t feel ready yet. It’s a real struggle a lot of couples go through. So, here’s some advice for how to deal. Read more

What happens if you don’t get married

My big goal when working with most of my clients is to get them happily married. I have a very high success rate and spend a lot of Saturday nights dancing at my clients’ weddings. It’s really fun! That being said, marriage isn’t in the cards for everyone. Or, it isn’t in the cards right now for everyone. I’m 54 years old and I’ve never been married. I know my soul mate man is out there and I’m learning a lot of lessons on my journey to meet him. But, until then, I’m single and unmarried and actually very, very happy. So, I wanted to write Read more

My Husband Is Selfish. What Should I Do?

One of my closest friends recently confessed to me that she and her husband are having problems. Or, more specifically, she’s having problems with him. I was really touched that she told me. Married people have so much pressure on them to paint a perfect picture of their marriage and pretend like they’re always 100% happy in their partnership. Here’s the real talk on marriage, though: No one’s 100% happy. Marriage is a lot of compromise and struggle and you just have to hope that the good outweighs the bad. And there will be some days, week or maybe even years when the bad feels heavier than the good, but hopefully long-term, you can switch those scales. I just think we need to discuss this a bit more so people don’t panic when they find themselves in a tough spot with their spouse and feel like their marriage is a total failure. That doesn’t mean that your marriage is a failure. That means your marriage is a marriage. Anyway, my friend told me that her husband was being really selfish and that she didn’t know what to do. I’m going to share with you all the advice I told her, just in case it’s helpful to anyone out there. Read more