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Why your parents should meet before you two get engaged

Meeting your boo’s parents is big time. It comes with a lot of stress and a lot of meaning for your relationship. So, I’m not trying to discount that experience at all. But, I have to say that you meeting your boo’s parents is nothing compared to when your boo’s parents meet your parents. It’s more people, more personalities, more moving parts and more parents. Add all of that together and you’ve got a really high stakes situation. Still, the stress and sweat are very worth it. In fact, I think it’s mandatory for your parents to meet before you two get engaged. Here’s why. Read more

What to do if he’s not ready for the next step, but you are

Boys mature more slowly than girls. It’s a fact of life we’ve known since some twerp pulled our ponytail on the playground and thought it was flirting. That immaturity follows gender lines way into adulthood. And it gets more annoying along the way, especially in terms of relationships. It’s hard to be with someone who isn’t feeling the same emotions you are or in the same life stage, even if you are similar ages. A lot of my girlfriends complain about this when they’re ready to move in together or get married. Their long-term boyfriend doesn’t feel ready yet. It’s a real struggle a lot of couples go through. So, here’s some advice for how to deal. Read more