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What to do if your partner has a drinking problem

A friend of mine is coming to terms with the fact that her husband is an addict - drinking. It’s been really hard for both of them. They’ve been married for a while and he’s been relatively high functioning. He’s successful professionally and can stay sober for stretches of time. When he falls off the wagon though, he falls hard. Recently those hard falls have been more and more frequent and my friend can’t ignore them or write them off any more. She asked me how I think she should handle it. Here’s what I told her Read more

Why you should never get drunk on first dates

It’s no secret that I run a tight ship with my company. And I don’t just mean with my employees. I’m really strict with my clients, too. I have a lot of rules my clients have to agree to follow if they want to work with me. And one of the rules I get the most pushback on is my two drinks or fewer first date rule. I especially get resistance on this one from women. But, I never budge because getting drunk on first dates is such a no no in my books. Here’s why. Read more