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How Do You Know You’ve Met A User And A Loser

I’m going to clarify something for you right now. Every user is a loser. There are many women that I know that use men for money. They rationalize that they are hot, so the men are getting what they want.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

But in reality, I’ve got to tell you something: every woman that I know that uses men. Uses men to pay their rent. Uses men to pay their bills. Uses men to give them what they want.

Out of life.

Those are some of the biggest losers that I’ve met in my entire life.

I once knew this woman who literally did not want to work.

She did everything she could not to work.

She lived off her ex-husband.

She lived off her child support.

She claimed that she couldn’t make it.

Her ex-husband was generous. Gave her more ways to live to feed the children. She refused to work and found every reason not to work.


Because deep down, she was a manipulator. She knew exactly what she was doing. Unfortunately, the man (who was my client), did not call her out on this. And he allowed it and he felt guilty. He had kids with her and would give just another couple $100,000. He was making money, so what’s another couple $100,000 helping her along?

But in reality, she didn’t appreciate it at all. She never really thanked him. She was a complete user she played off of his emotions. She played off of his guilt. She played off of anything she can because manipulation is part of her game.

Users are manipulators. They love to manipulate situations. Manipulate it so it fits them perfectly.

Users are losers. In my eyes, this woman is a complete loser, and he finally woke up and realized that she’s a loser. He’s beating himself up a little bit for allowing himself to be manipulated, but you know what? We all fall prey to something like that. Until we see it with clarity.

The woman in question, when she stops getting money from the man, found another man to pay her bills and another man that allows her to sit around and do nothing all day long.

She thinks she does things. But in reality, those people aren’t doing a fucking thing.

Except trying to figure out how to use and manipulate their way so they can continue not working or continue doing the things that they want to do.

When they have kids, they will also use the children the same exact way. So they will use the children to pull themselves up.

They will do things like not allow the father to see the kids because they want the kids for themselves. They are users, manipulators. They are not good people. To me, a user is a loser and a user will always be a loser.

But a winner? A winner grows.

And most importantly, a winner really understands that working in life and respecting other people is how life should really be lived.

I’m tired of all the losers that I’ve run into. I’m tired of the users that I’ve run into and most importantly I have no patience any more for the users and losers that I have had in my life.