Why celebrity divorce happens

celebrity divorceIs it just me or does it feel like every single time you go to the grocery store, the tabloids are claiming that a new celeb couple is calling it quits? And while I’ll be the first to tell you that the tabloids don’t always get the facts straight, it is true that celebrity couples often don’t last. I’m unfortunately living proof of that. I recently went through my own breakup and while David wasn’t a celebrity, we were both in the public eye. So, I have a few things to say on the topic. Here’s what I think celeb couples get divorced.

Life in the spotlight

I know that no one is going to cry celebrities a river for being rich and famous. In general, they chose this lifestyle and career and there are consequences to being in the spotlight, just like there are perks. But, I will say that no one can anticipate the toll being in the public eye will take on a relationship. It’s an entirely unique layer of stress and responsibility you’re smothering on a relationship. And long-term relationships are already stacked pretty high with stress and responsibility. Paparazzi and public opinion impacting every element of a relationship can easily contribute to a couple calling it quits.

You can’t always grow together

Celebs are just like us. They grow and mature and change as the years go on. And even if you have deep conversations with your partner, plan all of the details of your future life together and commit to specific lifestyle choices, you can’t anticipate how either of you are going to change. People evolve at different rates and into different things. A perfect couple in 2005 might be totally wrong for each other in 2015. You can make the best, most well-intentioned decisions for yourselves, but the hard and sad truth is that you can’t always grow together. Sometimes a couple grows apart.

It’s the right decision

Celebrity divorce or breaking up doesn’t mean that a couple failed. I hate to get all Gwyneth on you, but it means their time together has come to an end. Sometimes divorce is the right decision. Not every couple is meant to last forever, but that doesn’t mean that the time the couple spent together was a waste or meaningless. It just means that it’s over. It’s time to appreciate what you had, heal yourself and look forward to what’s to come. This is true for celeb couples and non-celeb couples.

I hope that’s helpful to anyone out there going through a bad break up or a divorce. Trust and believe that I know it’s not pretty to be in your shoes. But, it does get better and you’ll see that you made the right decisions for yourself. Trust and believe that, too!