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Your Boy’s Best Friend is a Girl: How Close is Too Close?

Jealous girlfriend looks at her boyfriends relationship with another female friend
We all have best friends of the opposite sex, and if your boyfriend has a best girl friend and you have an issue with him having a relationship with other females you need to keep yourself in check and your jealousy under wraps girl friend! We can and should all have friends of the opposite sex, of course. But what about that gray area where your boyfriend and his closest girl friend have an underlying flirtatious side to their relationship? This immediately poses the question: how close is too close? I know I have maybe just as many best guy friends as I do girl friends, which is usually the norm for most people I know. However, when do we draw the line in intimacy in co-ed friendships and how do we balance with our best friend of the opposite sex relative to keeping your partner happy and comfortable with such a relationship? Read more