Celebrity Corner

Poor Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio#PoorLeo. #GiveLeoAnOscar.

These hash tags blew up the Twittersphere on Oscars night when Matthew McConaghey took home top honors for Best Actor, sending the popular choice (and my own personal favorite) Leonardo DiCaprio home empty-handed.

Luckily The Wolf Of Wall Street actor had his date’s shoulder to cry on – if he needed it. He chose the woman on his arm wisely – a woman who loves him unconditionally, who could never be accused of cozying up to him for his money and that alone, a woman who is not and was not ever starstruck by him and his rise to fame – his mommy, Irmelin Indenbirken.

But Leo wasn’t the only one who got snubbed. Ever hear of a 21-year-old German model named Toni Garrn? Apparently she’s a Victoria’s Secret model – which doesn’t really make her famous, let’s be honest. And apparently she’s Leo’s girlfriend – who is 39-years-old by the way -which should make her a household name, should it not?

Oh, she was also at the Oscars – as his date – except no one saw her, she was barely photographed and she may as well have just stayed home in her pajamas that night – Victoria’s Secret PINK pj’s of course. Irmelin was the sole nominee and winner in Leo’s own personal Oscars category: Best Supporting role in Leo’s life.

When a man makes his mother the center of his universe, it generally means he has many wonderful qualities and has a heart of Oscar statue gold; he’s selfless, considerate, caring, loving. But it can also mean the only woman on the receiving end of those qualities is his mom, in which case we rename him a mama’s boy. And in this case, no woman in his life will ever stack up to the one who birthed him, including you.

Here, how to tell the difference:

Boy who loves his Mom: “It might be a nice idea if we invited my mom to dinner with us. What do you think?”

Mama’s boy: “I know my mom has come to dinner with us the last 6 Friday nights but what’s one more?”

Boy who loves his mom: “My mom was wondering if we could water her plants while she is away for a week-long cruise with her Bridge group. I arranged for my cousin to do it.”

Mama’s boy: “Oh by the way, next week I’m driving 3 hours to my mom’s house to water her plants while she’s on her cruise. I’ll probably just stay there and wait for her to come back so I can help her unpack.”

See the difference? A man who loves his momma is a good man, but if you come second from the very beginning, you always will. Run, Toni, run. Forgot who Toni is? Exactly.