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What to do when his porn watching habit makes you feel bad

Even though you’ve come to accept your man watches porn, you still feel like you aren’t enough for him sexually. Does his porn watching have to do with you? What can you do to help rebuild the relationship? Emily Morse … Continue reading

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A Study on Singles in America: 5,000 Singles Share What They Want On a First Date and In a Relationship

Singles in America Patti Stanger Emily Morse

Alright, Valentine’s Day is over (thank god), but that’s no reason to stop looking for a quality relationship. I was on a panel with Patti Stanger, Celebrity Blogger Extraordinaire Perez Hilton, Cosmopolitan Sex and Relationship Editor Anna Breslaw, and Chief … Continue reading

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How to have better sex in 2014

woman in bathtub improving sex life

Who needs traditional New Year’s Resolutions when you can check off “sex in a random bar bathroom” from your bucket list? You need some fun goals in 2014 to balance out your respectable adult goals to become a more organized, … Continue reading

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Never had a sex toy? It’s time because these will rock your world

Emily Morse demos the rabbit

Part of my job description as a sex expert is to try all the new sex toys so you don’t have to. I take on this burden of testing new sexy toys so you can have lots of orgasms. You’re … Continue reading

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The Most Important SEXercise You’re Not Doing… Yet!

Ever been contemplating a visit to the gym and thought “I wish someone could just take my spinning class for me and I could continue to sit here eating my cheez-its?” We’ve all had those days where we wish someone … Continue reading

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Be The Change You Want To See in The Bedroom: How to Initiate Sex More

Q: Hi Emily, I have a question regarding sex with my fiance. We really only have sex on the weekends, maybe once or twice on Saturday or on Sunday morning. He works long hours and is often very tired after … Continue reading

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