Millionaire Car: What a millionaire’s car says about his personality

millionaire carWhat does a millionaire car say about him? There’s a lot that a man can tell you without saying a word. The way he chooses to present himself is a huge part of his non-verbal communication. And a big choice he has to make about his external appearance is his car. While I don’t believe the ridiculous myth that an expensive car means a man has a small pecker, I do think car selection speaks to a man’s personality in a massive way. Picking a car is a big financial investment, even for a wealthy man. No one just buys a car willy nilly, no matter their financial situation. It’s not a candy bar for crying out loud! So, if you find out what kind of car a man drives, you can get a pretty meaningful previous of his personality. Here are some examples.

SUV – Millionaire Car

A guy with a car like a Land Cruiser, Escalade or Range Rover is a guy who likes to flex his muscles. He isn’t afraid to roar loudly and intimidate others. While a man who doesn’t shy away from being in charge is obviously sexy, watch out. This kind of personality can easily transition to aggressive behavior and bulldozing when it comes to disagreements between the two of you. A car like this could also mean an adventurous spirit, because it’s easy to load up snowboarding or rock climbing equipment and escape to somewhere more scenic. A big car like this also points to a man who’s forward-thinking and a good planner. He knows that the bigger the car, the more useful it will be for travel and big groups. Obviously, a man with a plan is very attractive! So, I see why women are drawn to SUV men. I’ve dated a few myself and can definitely recommend it.

Luxury sedan – Millionaire Car

If your fellow is driving a nice sedan, like a BMW, Lexus or Audi, it can tell you a lot of fantastic stuff about him. While a single guy with a really sensible car may scream snoozefest to some, I beg to differ. I think of him as a man with a head on his shoulders. And that’s pretty rare to come to by when you’re dealing with wealthy bachelors. Believe me, I see a lot of single guys who don’t have their emotional act together at all despite running successful businesses and it’s so unattractive. A single millionaire with sound decision-making skills like this turns into a really great husband. I say stop hesitating and snatch him up!

Eco-friendly – Millionaire Car

In the past few years, the luxury options for eco-friendly cars have exploded. There are Teslas, of course, and several car makers like Porsche, Mercedes and Cadillac have started making hybrid models. And some millionaires stick with the tried and true Toyota Prius. Making a decision to go green with his car obviously means that your man is very conscious of the environment. This likely means that he’s liberal and very open-minded. A word of warning, though. A man who is willing to sacrifice performance to help the planet with his car could be willing to do this in other aspects of his life. For example, he could be dogmatic about composting or insist on taking public transportation instead of driving in some cases. This is all well and good if you’re comfortable with making those sacrifices to benefit the Earth. But, if you’re not, I’d caution you against dating a man with an eco-friendly car. It’s important that your points of view on how much you’ll go out of your way to be green are similar.

Sports car – Millionaire Car

And here we are, the sports car. This is the type of car that people have the most to say about. Honestly, though, driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari doesn’t reveal any more or less about a millionaire’s personality than another type of car. What a sports car says to me is that this is a dude who likes to show off big time. And he’s looking for a lady he can show off, too. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s looking for a trophy wife who’s just a pretty face. He definitely wants a woman who walks the walk and looks the part, but he could be looking for his own Amal Clooney, the full package. This guy is a showboat, but not a risk taker. He knows what’s impressive and makes waves and sticks to what’s expected of him. So, don’t expect a lot of surprises out of this guy. But, you will be treated to the utmost luxury when you’re with him.

What kind of car does your man drive? Do you have a dream car? Let me know in the comments below!

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