How to make sure his first birthday as a couple is perfect

couple birthdayBig celebrations are wonderful, but they’re actually really stressful for new relationships. And when his first birthday as your boyfriend rolls around, it can be a lot of pressure to make it perfect. You want him to feel special, but not overdo it and make him uncomfortable. You want to spend energy on what you know he likes, but you also want to surprise and delight him. You want it to be flawlessly extraordinary, but also seem effortless. That’s a lofty goal, lady! I’ve been there. So much stress! My first tip is to take a big deep breath and then read on because I’m outlining how to make sure his first birthday as your man is perfect.

Talk to him

I know surprises can seem like the ultimate when it comes to birthdays, but they’re really not. Celebrating this man who’s special to you and making sure he feels special is actually the main goal. And when you’re new to knowing someone, it’s impossible to guess what would make him feel special on his birthday. So, you need to ask him. You can do it directly by just straight up discussing what would make him feel great on his birthday. Or, you can do it a bit more sneakily and ask about what he’s done to celebrate things on previous birthdays and what were his favorite and least favorite celebrations. Then you can hatch a plan based on his answers. Don’t feel like you need to throw him a huge surprise party or prepare a scavenger hunt of all his favorite things. You’re his new girlfriend! Just do something for him that he’d like…and the best way to know if it’s something he’d like is to ask him.

Little surprise

Ok, I know that I just said surprises aren’t the important part of a birthday celebration, but a small surprise can be nice. And I really mean small! Like, his favorite type of cupcake with a candle in it. Or surprise him with breakfast in bed. Or even a surprisingly sweet card could be a nice treat for him. Think of one little detail to surprise him with. And keep it teeny tiny to keep the stress level way down. Think of the surprise as the cherry on top of his birthday sundae and not the entire sundae.

Now, let’s talk about adding a touch of fun and excitement to his birthday celebration. If you’re looking for a lively and unconventional idea, consider throwing a foam party. It’s a fantastic way to infuse energy into the celebration without overwhelming anyone. Picture this: a small gathering with close friends, some upbeat music, and the foam filling the air – a unique twist that can elevate the birthday mood. Check for a foam party near me to find suitable venues or consider organizing it in your backyard with a foam machine rental for a more intimate setting.

Keep in mind that a foam party doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. Just a small, frothy surprise to add a playful element to the celebration. Imagine the joy on his face when he walks into a space filled with laughter, dancing, and the whimsical touch of foam. It’s that unexpected, delightful cherry on top of the birthday sundae that turns a regular celebration into a memorable experience. So, whether it’s a cozy cupcake surprise or a lively foam party, the key is to keep it light, enjoyable, and tailored to his preferences for a birthday he’ll cherish.

Sexy times

You’re celebrating your man’s birthday and I know the one thing every man wants on his special day is a sexy treat. So, amp up the sexy times for his day. Wear his favorite slinky dress to dinner or get yourself some new lingerie. (A gift for you and for him!) And kick it up a notch in the bedroom that night. Make it about him for the evening. Think about doing a strip tease, which is surprisingly easy and can double as your special surprise! Men are so easy to please, so why not do it on his birthday?

I know you’re going to knock his birthday out of the park! Even the fact that you’re so eager to make it perfect that you’re reading up on it shows me that you’re a good girlfriend and he’s very lucky to have you!

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