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From Butt Facials to Laser Therapy, Get Beach Ready with These Treatments

12459252634_b36722d3c6Beach season is still in full swing, and while many people dread showing skin at the beach, there are several things you can do to easily look and feel your best in a bathing suit.

From laser treatments and chemical peels to butt facials (yes, I said butt facials), here are few ways to make your skin beach ready.

Butt Facials

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently released data that shows more people are getting Brazilian Butt Lifts, a procedure in which fat from one part of the body is transferred to the butt.

It’s seems as though everyone is focused on their derriere, which may explain why butt facials have become the latest beauty trend. Facials aren’t just for your face anymore. If the thought of someone doing a deep cleansing facial on your backside freaks you out, that’s understandable. However, facials do improve your skin’s health and appearance—whether that skin is on your face or elsewhere.

Most butt facials begin with a wash or purifying cleanse. A toner with salicylic acid is then applied to further cleanse the skin and reduce the appearance of your pores. After that, your skin is exfoliated and then an oxygen peel is applied under a clay or mineral mud mask. Butt facials, which are typically 30 minutes, reduce the appearance of cellulite, bumps, breakouts and help to fade dark spots. Anyone who has acne on their butt, stretch marks or other blemishes is a good candidate for this kind of facial.

Deep Cleansing Facial for Your Back

Some people also get acne on their back. If you’re planning to wear a bikini or swimsuit with a low-cut back, and you experience bacne, a deep cleansing back facial might be right for you.

The treatment is similar to a butt facial or regular facial. A licensed esthetician performs extractions, exfoliation and applies a mask to minimize breakouts on your back. The only difference is that it will take longer for back or body breakouts to clear because the skin is thicker and has more oil glands (anywhere from about 2,600 to 5,800 sebaceous glands per square inch). If you have a lot of acne scarring, it might be best to also do a chemical peel every other month.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can help minimize acne scarring, stretch marks and red and brown spots. With micro-needling technology like the Skin pen, we are able to significantly improve the appearance of past skin trauma. These treatments are particularly well-liked by our patients because they are inexpensive, require little to no recovery, and are very effective at improving skin texture and the appearance of smoothness.

All these treatments will help you feel your best. As always, consult with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist before moving forward with new body treatments. Our team at Aesthetic Enhancements is here to help and can improve your skin’s health and appearance. Contact us today with any questions.

Photo credit: matchfitskills / CC BY