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Dressed for Big Breasts

Woman dressed for big breast clothing
The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Having big breasts come with a lot of perks (and if you’re lucky, perkiness), but it also comes with quite a few downsides. The size of your breasts unfortunately dictates a lot of your fashion choices, whether you realize it or not. Here are my tips for dressing with big tits. Read more

The Creepiest OkCupid Message I’ve Ever Received

Creepy OkCupid message
When my last relationship ended, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and sign up for OkCupid. It sounded pretty harmless, and at the very least, I thought it might boost my bruised ego. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for what I signed up for. Granted, most women get their share of creepy messages, but I would venture to say that this message takes creepy to a whole new level. I present to you a nominee for the title of Creepiest OkCupid Message Ever. Read at your own risk: Read more

5 things not to wear when you’re about to do it

woman takes off her clothing before sex
As a woman, you can always kind of predict (kind of being the operative word) when sex is about to go down.  Maybe it’s your fifth date with a guy and he invites you over to his place for dinner. Maybe it’s your tenth date with a guy and he wants to take you on a romantic weekend getaway.  Or maybe it’s your second date, and you think there’s a chance of getting frisky (Bathroom? Back seat of his car? The opportunities are endless, am I right?). Regardless of the situation, you should always be prepared if you plan on doing the dirty Here are my top 5 things NOT to wear when you’re about to do it: Read more