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Carol Cottrill, CNC Carol Cottrill is a nutritional consultant with a taste for all things French and author of the book, The French Twist: Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management. In addition to being a regular guest on FOX 35 News and The Daily Buzz, she has contributed her expertise to CNN, Shape Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, and numerous others. Carol guides viewers and readers away from deprivation diets and instead encourages each individual to follow an authentic eating plan based on enjoyment, relaxation, balance and inner cues. She practices nutrition in New York City and lives in Rowayton, CT, with her husband, John, and two very spoiled dogs.

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Is a Gluten-Free Diet Radical or Rational?

Breaking the gluten dependance

I’m a great believer that every diet plan offers a kernel of wisdom. But what about those who can’t stand the wheat—or, more specifically, gluten? Should people who have dumped bread entirely, not to mention pasta and cake, get out … Continue reading

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Why You Love Chocolate and He Loves Bacon

Bacon and chocolate

Is our biology, more specifically our gender, responsible for our food cravings? Are women programmed to reach for a chocolate truffle or a candy bar, while men are wired for chicken wings? Scientific research has provided some hypotheses and a … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Keeping Your Looks and Love Life Hot!

Woman in winter coat finds ways to keep healthy

It’s cold outside—the forecast calls for some serious bundling up with that special someone. A girl’s gotta look hot too, so I’ve put together a list of ways to winterize your beauty routine while your love life steams up.

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Dieting and Dating: Having a Mind of Your Own

Woman contemplates dieting

Keep dating the wrong guy, again and again? Jump from one restrictive diet to the next, only to lose and gain the weight many times over? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to look for patterns of behavior, and the … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Woman tries on dress in the mirror

Who has the fairest changing room lighting of them all? Trust me—you’ll need a filtered lens to find a well-lighted fitting room in this country. We’ve all been there. As you race to the dressing room, maneuvering an armful of … Continue reading

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Is Your Boyfriend Making You Fat?

Cozying up to a new guy? Make sure his favorite foods aren’t part of the relationship. Guys are notorious for bad eating habits—beer, chips, and chicken wings, to name a few. If you’ve existed on salads and lean protein and … Continue reading

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