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Anita Chlipala Anita Chlipala, founder of Relationship Reality 312, Inc., is a certified dating and relationship expert on a mission to prove that healthy, satisfying and passionate relationships are possible.
Anita is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) and received her Master’s degree in the nationally accredited Marital & Family Therapy program from the University of San Diego. As a self-proclaimed “fun nerd,” Anita continually studies and uses the most cutting-edge research to equip singles and couples with the tools to find and maintain love. She doesn’t just give advice – she provides practical skills that bring results.
Her expertise comes in many forms. She works with her clients not only on an appointment basis in her office (with a comfortable couch, of course!), but also provides national coaching for clients. In addition, she hosts monthly brunch meetings, gives talks at various organizations and universities, and presents group workshops in Chicago.
Since the beginning Anita was passionate about working with couples and giving them the skills to improve their relationships. After some time, she noticed how the couples had similar complaints and problems. She thought, “There must be a way to prevent this pain.” And that’s when Anita expanded her practice to include singles – to prepare them for a healthy relationship, help them find a good partner and give the tools to prevent as many of the common problems as possible.
Anita is based in downtown Chicago, Illinois, her beloved hometown. If she can sit down long enough, Anita’s next goal is to finish her first book, which will help couples make their “relationship reality” the best it can be.

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