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The money conversations you need to have with him

The only thing less romantic than talking about money with your boo is breaking up with your boo over money. And I guarantee a money-related breakup will happen if you two don’t discuss your finances. So, if you have to pick between the two, pick talking about it! Duh! Here are the money conversations you need to touch on before you get serious with your man. Read more

When Is The Right Time To Start Having Sex?

Brace yourself. Because this will be the most controversial article you have ever read about when to start having sex. The Myth of the "Three Date Rule" Now, there's the myth or the old story about when to have sex. That ridiculous three date rule Read more

Why I hate ending a date early

I was at brunch the other day next to a loud group of young twenty-something women. One of them was blabbing about how, the night before, she walked out of a date after 15 minutes. She described the guy as nice, but dorky and boring. Apparently, they had zero chemistry. She picked up her purse, threw down money for the drink and walked right out of there. She was so proud telling her friends about it. It took every ounce of self-control I had not to flip the table. Read more

Why every single girl needs to go on a vacation alone

One of my closest single girlfriends just came back from a solo Eat, Pray, Love type trip. She bopped around the world for six full weeks and, I swear, she’s come back a happier, healthier person. I’ve never seen her this comfortable in her own skin. We were talking and she totally credits it to the fact that she traveled alone. After our convo, I decided that every single girl needs to go on a vacation alone. Here’s why. Read more

How Your Online Dating Lies Are Going To Get You Every Time

Are you somebody who paints a different picture of yourself on online dating sites or dating apps? Maybe you shave a few years off and rationalize it and say, well, you want to be in a certain age group for search engines. Maybe you take angle shots of your face to take a few years off so you can't really see exactly how old you are. Read more

The only times women should have their own money in a marriage

I’m a huge proponent of women managing their own freaking money. Too many women I know let the men in their lives completely manage their finances with no visibility into their own dough. That’s a recipe for disaster. I know money stuff isn’t fun. But, sorry to break it to you – you’re an adult and not having fun is part of the job. So, put on your big girl panties and own your finances, even when they’re joint finances. That being said, some women don’t have all of their money in joint accounts. Read more