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What your millionaire’s future travel plans say about your relationship

Spring has sprung and it’s time for warm weather and sunshine... which often means more travel! Something about the cold makes us all want to hibernate. It must be in our DNA to stay put and nest when it’s freezing. Once that snow melts, though, it’s time to open our doors and our passports and get traveling. When you’re dating a millionaire, travel can be a big part of their schedule and therefore, a big part of your life. If you’re unsure of where you stand with your millionaire, their upcoming travel plans can be really telling about your relationship. Here’s what their travel plans say. Read more

What to do if your man hates PDA and you love it

I’m totally needy when it comes to PDA. I fully admit that. I like to be touched and held and kissed in public. It’s what makes me feel the most loved. It communicates to me that my man is attracted to me and proud of me and wants the world to know it. In my mind, there’s nothing not to love about PDA. But, I’ve dated men who weren’t that into PDA and some men who were very much anti-PDA. Read more

The Number One Key To Life: 50/50

Here is the key to happiness on all levels. You're 50% responsible for everything that happens in your life. Do not blame anybody for any situation you're in. You're 50% responsible. I would love to be able to blame some people for some of the stuff that I'm in, but I'm 50% responsible for that. Read more

What to do when your friend’s partner mistreats them

This situation happened many, many years ago and a lot of old wounds have healed since then, which is why I feel comfortable sharing this now. It was a pretty painful memory for a while. A friend in my circle was dating a man she was crazy about. We were all out one night, a whole big group of us, and no one’s sure what, but something my friend said really triggered him and he got incredibly mad, called her a terrible name and then storm out. It was so hostile and mean and out of nowhere. There’s nothing my friend could have done to warrant this reaction. She was humiliated and left. The next time I saw her, she was with him. Apparently, everything was back to hunk dory. Read more

How to deal if you’re dating someone high maintenance

I was just watching some YouTube tutorial videos on how to pack. I’m always looking for ways to live my life more efficiently and I’d love to never have to check a bag when I travel. Waiting by that luggage carousel is such a time waster! As I was scrolling through videos and picking up some great tips and packing products to buy, I stumbled across a few videos of people who were, well, high maintenance. There’s no other way to say it. I saw a video where the host said it was crucial to do an in flight facial for yourself. Another YouTuber Read more

How to know when love has been delivered

Imagine for a second that love can be delivered. Then again, some of you actually believe it can. We're on dating sites and dating apps more than we are actually communicating with other people that we see in our daily lives. Every night we're swiping for love. Read more