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Before Love, We Must Have Crush

The term, looking for the one. Falling in love. Meeting the right person for you to have that great love relationship is a great end result, but there are two magical steps before you fall in love with somebody. And the first one is: you have to have a crush on them. It really is that simple. You need to meet somebody Read more

3 Ways a second date is way more important than a first

First dates are anxiety producing, for sure. But I think it’s strange that a lot of women I meet are more nervous for first dates than for second dates. Second dates are much bigger steps in a relationship than first dates. I mean, I’m not saying that you should be sick to your stomach every time you get asked on a second date, but it is something you should treat like a big deal. Because it freaking is! Second dates are way more important than first dates. Here’s why. Read more

6 Ways Your Ego Can Kill Your Relationship

Anyone who has read me knows that there is something I say over and over again (because it is so important!): To be able to truly love yourself and to truly be able to love someone else, you must drop the ego. This is absolutely essential to finding an amazing relationship, but it's equally critical to maintaining and continually improving a relationship once you're already in it. Read more

How to tell if he wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but what if you’re not quite in love yet? Do you celebrate? That’s a tough question to figure out. For new couples and not official couples, instead of being a day of love, Valentine’s Day is a more like a day of stress! Here are some ways you can figure out if your dude wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you before the big day and hopefully avoid all that romantic strain and pressure. Read more

Valentine’s Day gifts you should get YOURSELF if you’re dating a millionaire

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re dating a millionaire, you’re probably stressed about what to get them to show your love and affection. They are the toughest folks to shop for because they can basically buy whatever they want and probably already have anything you’d think to get them. Gah! Stress city! And I hate to add to your pile of stress, but I also want you to think about what to get yourself for Valentine’s Day if you’re dating a millionaire. That’s right, a Valentine’s Day from you to you! You’re important and deserve some self-love and celebrated on February 14th, too! Here’s what I think you need if you’re dating a millionaire. Read more

What to get a millionaire man for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gifts are tough to buy in general because they need to represent so much... or so little, depending on where you are in a relationship. And then, buying gifts for men is tough in general. If you’re going with traditional “manly” stuff, men just don’t have a lot of fun options. Layer on top of buying a gift for a millionaire man, who can and probably does, buy himself anything he wants, and you’ve got a seriously difficult gift to buy. A Valentine’s Day gift for a millionaire man might just be the hardest gift to find ever. Well, I’m here to help you with a few options. Read more