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What to do if you think he’s starting to ghost you

When I’m in the very beginning stages of dating someone, I’m nervous. And sometimes it’s cute, fun nerves that come from young love. But, often the nerves stem from not being certain where the relationship stands and worrying about if he’s going to hurt my feelings. I know, not my typical schmoopy boopy take on love, but these feelings are just as true for me as my enthusiasm for love. What I worry about the most, and what I hear my friends worry about a lot, is getting ghosted. Ghost is the idea of someone you’re starting to fall for vanishing is tough to swallow. If you think you’re about to or actually are getting ghosted, here’s what to do. Read more

What to do when you’re being lied to

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock, you know that there’s a lot of facts being disputed in the news these days. (And if you have been under a rock, please send me the address of that rock. It sounds nice. I’d like to take a quick nap there.) And when facts get disputed, it means that one side is lying. The lying and fact manipulation is driving me absolutely bonkers. I’m really worried about the future of our country. The one small silver lining of this stress-filled situation is that it got me thinking about lies in relationships and I think I cooked up some really good advice for you guys on what to do when you’re being lied to. Read more

The Secret To Being A Better Flirt

The key to flirting is to have an inquisitive mind. Having an inquisitive mind is having a flirtatious mind. Flirting is really all about curiosity. It's amazing that how many people don't know how to flirt, or choose not to. When I'm on Bumble (which by the way is fun), or any other dating app, or any other way to meet, it's amazing how many people don't ask questions at all. Read more

How to stop being a nag

Is there anything more annoying than when you find yourself turning into a nag in your relationship? When I hear myself nag, it’s nails on chalkboard to my own ears. It’s like I’ve turned into the most irritating 1990s sitcom portrayal of a mother. That’s not who I want to be or how I want to be spending my time. If you’re like me, I think the below will help you. Here’s how to stop being a nag with your boo. Read more

What to do if your man doesn’t make healthy choices

Confession: I wasn’t always the healthiest person. For a long time, I let myself get so consumed with my business that I wasn’t prioritizing myself. I didn’t work out as much as I should have and certainly didn’t eat healthfully. And it showed, both physically and emotionally. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it was impacting my romantic relationships in a major way. If I wasn’t good to myself, there was no way I could be good to someone else. Who would want to get involved in that scenario? Read more

What to do if you don’t like sports, but he loves ’em

One of my best girlfriends started dating a guy who’s crazy about sports. Like full on obsessed. He actually has two TVs set up in his living room so he can watch two games at once. It’s intense. At first, she didn’t think anything of his sports addiction. But, she doesn’t care for sports and slowly, but surely, sports have become a hot button issue in their relationship. She gets angry that he spends so much time on something that seems trivial to her and he wishes that she cared more about them. Read more