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5 Good signs you probably aren’t noticing on a first date

First dates are a flurry of nerves, excitement and, let’s be honest, judgement. You may be so busy nitpicking him apart that you fail to notice some really good things about him. And while red flags are important, you should take note of his green flags, too. Here are few that you may not be looking out for, but totally should be. Read more

3 Signs You Don’t Love Him And You’re Just Scared Of Being All Alone

Everyday, I get emails from so many women. And by the way, I appreciate every email that has ever been sent my way. And what breaks my heart is that so many of them are in relationships that no longer serve them at all. And the reason why they’re in these relationships is because they’re afraid of being alone. Read more

What you need to remember when you move in with him

You two are moving in together. That deserves a celebration! It also deserves some words of warning. While that may sound a little grim, I’m just being real. Moving in together is when the rubber meets the road in a relationship and there can be some unexpected, but not uncommon, friction. Here’s what you need to remember. Read more

Why every relationship needs a shared calendar

There are certain technological advancements that I honestly don’t know how I lived without – GPS, email, Uber and, when I'm in a relationship, shared calendars. Every single couple needs to get themselves a shared calendar. If you don’t, you’re really doing yourself, and your relationship, a massive disservice. Here’s why. Read more

What to do if he works too much

Look, we all need to earn a living. And as a workaholic, I fully understand how a career can get in the way of a relationship. It just happens if you’re in a demanding field and not super vigilant about work-life balance. It actually takes a ton of work to make sure you’re not working too much. Read more

Do you have nothing in common with your boo?

Have you been with your man a while and feel like you’re drifting apart? That’s not uncommon. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s simply a sign that it’s time for the two of you to work on your relationship, which could turn out to be fabulous for both of you and your future together. If you feel like your boo and you have nada when it comes to overlapping interests, here’s what you have to do. Read more