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Love on the network

It’s official. We have moved from the ancient age of meeting people at a bar, club, place of worship, through friends, etc. to the new age of finding love online -- both on dating websites and on social networks. We are a perfect example of the social network part of this trend -- we met on the social network that started it all: Myspace. Now there are about a zillion other social network platforms out there, like Facebook and Twitter, where not only can you let all your friends and family know when you are going to the bathroom, but you can actually meet your soon-to-be wife or husband too! It has never been an easier world to find your mate than the one we live in now. Read more

Exercise therapy: Your love life will love you for it

Thanks to Sensa and my boyfriend David getting me back into shape, I have a brand new body. I’m super proud of it, and I'm going to continue toning up. I mean, in my fifties and in the best shape of my life? Who wouldn’t tweet that from the rooftops? I’m so grateful for my new shape. While I was shedding the pounds with Sensa, I also got really into exercise for a one-two punch to that icky cellulite. I couldn’t be happier I did. I’m proof that exercise can change your life in the best ways. Plus, your love life will love you for it. Here's why. Read more

What really makes you compatible?

Time for some myth busting on PattiKnows. You know the expression, “opposites attract”? Well, it’s not always true -- at least when it comes to love. In romance it’s your commonalities that make you compatible for the long haul. Of course, there will be some differences between you and your boo, even if he’s your perfect match. That’s what keeps things spicy and interesting! But there are five important factors you need to have in common for your relationship to last. I call them The Five Senses. Read more

Blake and Ryan Married!

Yes! Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds tied the knot. I wish the newlyweds a big fat mazel tov and kudos to them on the secret ceremony. Stars need their privacy on their special day to ensure the validity of their vows. The press can almost over hype it deterring them from their intimate bond that they share.  I bet many girls are thinking why don't we  clone Ryan's DNA since he's always so quick to wed! XOXO

How to stay out of the friend zone

Everyone always says that the best kind of love spawns from friendship. I totally agree. But what happens when the person you want to be your significant other only sees you as a friend? That’s not good for your relationship, your sanity or your self-esteem. It’s called getting trapped in the friend zone, and it 100 percent sucks -- there’s no better way to say it. To avoid this bummer of a situation, I cooked up some simple tips on how to stay out of the friend zone and let him or her know you want something spicier! Read more

Meeting a man unexpectedly: How to be prepared for fate

The meet-cute. That moment when a man and a woman meet completely out of the blue and realize there could be something special between them. You’ve seen it in movies. You’ve heard about it from friends. It even happens to those nutballs on Bachelor Pad. But it’s never happened to you. Why not? My guess is that you’re not ready for it. I’m a strong believer that life only gives you what you can handle, and if you’re not ready for romance, then it’s not going to happen for you. Ladies, trust fate -- love comes when you're ready for it. Here’s how to prep for fate so you can be ready when your meet-cute moment happens. Read more