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How to deal with a shocking break up

Was anyone else blown away by Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s break up? I sure was. And don’t even get me started on my feelings on how this season’s Bachelor ended. Becca was clearly shocked that Arie dumped her so he could double back and date Lauren. These two surprise endings got me thinking about how painful it can be when you’re in a relationship that ends unexpectedly. If you’re in that situation, here’s how to deal. Read more

When should you have sex with a new guy?

I get asked about when’s the right time to have sex in a new relationships a lot. Like, A LOT a lot! It’s definitely in the top three concerns women have about dating someone new. So, you’d think that by now I’d have a short and sweet answer to tell all my girls when exactly is the right time to have sex with a new guy. Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t. It’s not a simple matter of time or a neat line up of benchmarks you need to hit. It’s a mix of a lot of different factors that can all add up to the perfect time for sex. Here are the five factors I think Read more

The Importance of Date Night

I love children. I think they're amazing. I love my girlfriend's kids. I enjoy the time I get to spend with them. I enjoy being able to read my girlfriend's little daughter books to sleep. I don't get to do that with my daughter because she doesn't sleep over at my house. Read more

How to flirt at work without crossing any lines

Thanks to the brave men and women who have come forward about workplace harassment, assault and rape, we’re all finally having a long overdue conversation about gender, sex, power and the workplace. It’s about freaking time. I’m beyond sensitive to these issues because my work is romance and typical workplace boundaries are both more difficult and more important to enforce in my office. And while flirting Read more

Would a sex cleanse be good for your relationship?

First of all, what is a sex cleanse? To be as basic as possible, it’s when you cleanse your relationship of all the sex you’re having. You press pause on having sex of all kinds so you can focus on improving your relationship. A typical cleanse is about cleaning up your diet so you can feel better and expel specific toxins from your body. Same thing with a sex cleanse. Use it to clean up your relationship and get rid of whatever’s toxic between you two. Not sure if your relationship needs a sex cleanse? Here are three questions to help you figure it out. Read more

Do You Want To Know What Men Find REALLY Sexy in A Woman?

Look: every man is different. But… if I line up a million men in one line, this is what they would all agree is sexy in a woman… A woman who takes care of herself. If you sit with men on the beach, they are notoriously prone to checking out women in cute little bathing suits. Men love checking out women. When a man finds a woman to love or to be with, he loves checking her out. He loves to look at her. Read more
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